St. Vincent's part time program any acceptances?


Has anyone else been accepted to their night program? I will be starting with A&PI in the fall.:yeah:


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Hi milfordmama!

I am currently accepted into the extended program! I have to take the anatomy and physiology comptency exam next week, and if I pass (which I heard the exam is very difficult) I can start my nursing courses this fall! I am praying that I pass.. I really do not want to have to wait until Fall 2010 to begin the nursing portion.

Good luck to you!!

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OMG, were you there on the Monday (7/27)? So was I, that test was a killer. Did you get results back, I sooooo nervous. I'm in the same situation, If I dont pass A&P competancy exam (despite the fact that I got an A at another college), I cant start nursing until Fall 2010. How did you prepare, did you use the guidelines that were givien by St V's? I used that and old A&P notes and still had a hard time with the questions. Id like your and anybody else's feedback on the competancy exam whether taken on Monday or prior!:banghead::confused:


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I just graduated from St Vincents college, I just know of one person who passed the A&P competancy. Just like more people, I took the class, did not take the exam. Good luck to all of you!!


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Sorry, I haven't checked this in quite a few weeks! I actually took the competency exam on August 18th.. I was supposed to take it July 27th but wanted a little more time! Not that it helped me.. that exam was deadly! I think the woman said I scored a 36 or something ridiculous like that. It's crazy! For anyone that did pass it - props to you! I used the sheet they gave us about what to study for.. and I used my old A&P notebook and textbook. When I took it at my other school, I had a very difficult teacher and managed a B+, so I was pretty upset at St. V's exam!

So off I go taking A&P this fall! Ventgurl, are you taking it this semester?? What section are you in!?

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