1st two quarters of FNP program no different from my BSN


So....I have just completed my second quarter of my 8 quarter FNP program and although the classes have different names, it is nearly the same subject matter and course work I found in my undergraduate BSN program. I would love to have more pathophysiology, assessment, pharmacology, etc. or a pathway to prepare me for clinical practice.

I feel as if I am a sociology/psychology major being groomed for a Phd in nursing research and paper writing instead of treating patients. I am now questioning my career path and the nursing profession. Anyone else experiencing this?

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What classes have you taken so far? It sounds like you have taken research? Don't forget that knowing how to critique a research article will be very important in practice. You'll need to make decisions about treatments for your patients (including medical articles) and you'll have to know 1) whether the research on the treatment withstands scrutiny, and 2) whether the research is clinically relevant. I did not think I would enjoy that class but I did because my instructor focused on that angle.

I do feel your pain. I spent a lot of time looking at curricula prior to applying for grad school (including PA school) and I wish there were more science based classes. I am in an acute care NP program. One of the things that really made me happy was that staring for my cohort, the program eliminated some vague-sounding management of practice class and replaced it with physiology as a prerequisite for advanced patho. I think you should hang in there - you always have to get the basic classes out of the way first. Soon enough you'll be in assessment/patho/pharm and clinicals. My FNP friends tell me that clinicals is where it all starts to come together. Good luck!

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I hear you. I am finishing my core classes, and three of them I consider a waste of time...theory and research!

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Maybe withhold judgement until you can reflect back in your education as a practicing NP, as of now, you have no idea what is going to help you and what is not going to help you.

That sounds harsh, I don't mean it to. As a student that hasn't even begun clinical rotations in advanced practice there is perspective missing about how theory and research will fit into your practice. These classes are taken ahead of time so you can focus on clinical-based classes while seeing patients, assessing, diagnosing, planning, and treating.

Theory and research are also on your NP boards, so be ready for it.

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Thank you for the heads up...theory is ok, in actuality, one uses it everyday.