1st time traveling contract? Clauses stating must work overtime/penalty of $15hr


Hello, first time traveler wondering will staffing travel agency show you the contract up front? Working with two different recruiters form different companies and these are questions dealing with contracts and signing them. One recruiter wanting an answer right then with out seeing a contract and when said want to see contract first was told if I didn't verbal commit right then that the job would go to some one else? Also another company had "Employee may be asked to float and Employee shall agree to such request" "Employee shall agree to work overtime as requested and/or required by Client." "Employee will pay a $15 per hour penalty for every hour that the Employee is short agreed minimum number of regular 468 hours." Is this normal in contracts, would an experienced traveler have any suggestions and would you sign this? I mean what if the hospital called you off for low census? I asked my recruiter and they said they didn't inforce the overtime or the penelty but wouldn't take it out of the contract however they said I could mark it out with a pen, is that legally binding or not? Any answers greatly apperciated.


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I know some companies do this and do enforce it. If your recruiter crosses it out and initials it ..... maybe I'd sign it.

Sounds to me like they are trying to take advantage of you. Tell them you will not commit to anything without knowing the terms of the contract.

This isn't Liquid Agenents is it? They did that to a traveler I worked with.

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No crossing out and initialing changes is NOT sufficient. (or legally binding). Instead, make what changes you find necessary and have negotiated with the agency, fax it back to them WITHOUT signing it and have them send you a new contract with the changes made as negotiated. And personally I would insist that the floating issue be detailed - how often, if in rotation with regular staff or "first to float", what departments (as in only those you are trained in) - and that the penalty for missed hours be specified in the contract to be only for those hours called off by the nurse, not for those called off or not scheduled by the hospital. The amount of required OT should also be in writing if there is a minimum required in the contract.

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