1st time travel MedSurg contract with AMN Healthcare in San Jose, CA


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I have been patiently looking for a contract near Los Gatos, CA (San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey,...). I will be a 1st time traveller and have 2 years of MedSurg (non-tele), Epic charting experience.

AMN Healthcare has most of the exclusive contracts in the area, like Kaiser and Sutter. If only I could find a recruiter with AMN that isn't sketchy and is clear, trustworthy and will take care of me if crap happens to hit the fan somehow... Referrals anyone?

I just got an offer and am wondering if it is any good and how one figures the hourly rate. Please? Is this a real take-home estimate they give me? I told her I am single and would claim 0.

Kaiser Santa Clara

Taxable: $688.65/week

Per diem: $245/week

Subsidy: $542.41/week

= $1476 weekly take home


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The best is not to work for AMN. All those same jobs are available through many other agencies, although since AMN is the prime vendor for Kaiser you would get first crack at available assignments before they go to other agencies, but the pay could well be higher at subcontracting agencies paradoxically. I'm not aware that AMN has a similar arrangement with Sutter hospitals, but it is possible. If you work with a few other agencies, you will be able to compare assignment availability, compensation, and details like who holds the prime contract. The more agencies you talk to, the better your chances of finding a recruiter you like.

Yes, they are quoting approximate net check. If you want a real figure, go to paycheckcity and put in the taxable wage information for you. Check both your home state taxes, and the work state, and use the higher taxing state (closer to what you will actually pay end of the year filing in both states as required). To that figure add your weekly reimbursements and you will get a number that should be accurate. Why not claim 1? You will get a higher check. Did you want Uncle Sam to use your money for free for a year?

Remember that you will have to pay for housing, so your effective take home will be less. Missed hours and overtime obviously will affect your pay so ask about call off policies and if OT is available.

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Seems like decent pay for MS.

I've done a couple assignments with AMH with no issues, great communication, no issues with pay, completely benign. Even though a lot of people hate them, my recruiter with them has been the most responsive I've had among the 5-6 agencies I work with.

In the end, read your contract before you sign it. Not only read it, but understand it. Also read their employee handbook. If there's something not right, either have it clarified, or just don't sign it.

Ultimately, it's up to you.


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While I'm in no way saying AMN is a bad agency (they are not), it is better to have a great recruiter at a bad agency than the reverse! I do think there are good reasons not to go through an agency that is also the vendor manager, unless you want assignment priority more than you care about money or the possibility to switch agencies later.


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Try Rise Medical Staffing. They do a lot of work on the West coast. I've never had a contract with them, but the recruiter seems nice enough. I have traveled with AMN and they are not my first choice, only because I know I could get paid better and better benefits with other companies. Loved my recruiter though, very up front. Good luck!