1st semester book costs


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Thank you for clearing that up for me. As for what I pay for school, I guess it is my decision. I am sorry that people seem to have a problem with me paying so much for my nursing degree. To me it is worth it.

However, I can say this I think what we pay for our tuition is different depending on what type of school we attend and what area of the country we are attending said school. However, if I were to go out and buy a $300 stethoscope I expect it to take the heart rate, blood pressure, and breath sounds on its own and also log it into the patients records for me. I spent $20 on my stethoscope, and though I will upgrade it once I am done with nursing school I have not noticed where it is any less effective than the $300 ones. I listened to both in the store before I bought one, and to me (and of course I am untrained so this opinion could change once I am done with all of my schooling, but I have worked as a CNA and liked my $20 stethoscope just fine) it is just as good. I see no reason to go into debt over a piece of equipment that can be lost or broken when a cheaper one will do. Again I understand that my views might change once I graduate but for now I do not see where that kind of expense is needed.

I spent $70 on my Littmann and had it engraved for free. I've heard they can "disappear" -- and I had to borrow that money to buy it; I surely couldn't spend $300 on a stethoscope either, but I wanted a good one because the nurses I've talked to say it's one of the most important things you will buy for school, so you know what sounds you are hearing or not hearing, but I have no experience yet. Littmanns supposedly also last years and years, so I figured between the two reasons it was worth it.

I think we all have reasons for all our decisions, and we are all darn smart or we wouldn't be in Nursing School :) You have to feel comfortable about the amount of money no matter what you are spending; for me, I was freaked when I just took out my first loan, was trying to work and not get loans, but just couldn't make it and now I'm going against what I said I would never do--get a student loan. I want my Master's, so I am trying to spread it thin so when I am done I don't have to pay more than $500 or $600 a month to pay back my loans, but we never know what tomorrow brings.