st. paul's school of Nursing , on staten island

U.S.A. New York


Hi everyone, am new here, and i need some infromation.

am applying to the st. Paul's school of Nursing for the spring 2010, i am waiting for a date from them to take the Net exam. i need infromation from anyone who got accepted into the st. Paul's program recently. what is the needed score for the net exam?, and how was the net exam?. also, is it hard to get in? and does GPA counts for a lot?

so many questions, please help me!!!!!! , thanks a lot!!!!

hiiiiiii! aww don't worry, i'd be happy to answer any questions and help as much as i can. So yea yes the math is like the math from the study guide as well as the reading.. but my best advice is just the timing..try to really practice doing problems and reading comp timed, it will really help. The written and basic science questions weren't too bad.. i hear those parts don't count towards your score..but just still try your best. Don't worry you will be fine, try your best and let God do the rest..Good luck!! =)

thanks a million. am worry about the timing. thats why i hope that the exam is not given on the computer because it takes up a lot of time. but am really studing. am really good with the math, am worry about the reading. but like you said, all is in GODs hands, so am having FAITH in GOD.

heyy wewe12,

how was the NET?? hope it went well! =)

Hiiii... it was ok, but the timing was crazy. i did not finish the reading part. am just waiting to see what comes out. waiting is killing me. have they gotten to you yet?

haha same here! the waiting part really sucks.. nope they haven't gotten to me yet. did they tell you how long it will take to get the scores? good luck! =)

Has anyone heard of the school starting evening classes soon? I called St. Pauls SON and was told to call back in January. I want to start preparing for test can anyone recommend a study book?? Thanks!

thanks, good luck to you too. they said in about two to three weeks. all i can do now is hope and pray. it is out of my hands. am looking up to God.

oh, did you see the lab rooms in the building? so big a great looking. i like the new area!!!!!!!!! and the people there seemed nice. i really want to be part of it all. i can see myself liking it there.

yeaaa the rooms do look really nice and the faculty are really nice too! i hope we get in!! =) ahhhh this is a long waittt.. are u applying to any other nursing programs?

well the next schools i am thinking about are Long island college hospital and beth israel hospital school of nursing. but their applications are not due until april because their next term is for fall 2010. they only take students once a year. i really hope that i dont have to wait for that or go through all that long process. i really want to start this comming spring at st. Paul.

yea same here i know what u mean...did u get ur net scores?? i got mine yesterday and i didn't like my score.. i got a composite score of 66 %.. i think i might try again for the fall semester though. how did you do?

i just got mine today. am heart broken. i got a 55%. i dont understand the scores. i dont know if i stand a chance with this score. if not i will try for the fall term too as well as other schools.

i know how u feeel, but hey u never know..u should still have hope, just wait and see. and yea don't give up..try again if u need to =)

i don't understand the scores either.. it's weird tho..i thought i did a lot better.. and when i studied and took practice tests i did really well.. i guess the timing can really screw us up! good luck =)

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