st. paul's school of Nursing , on staten island

U.S.A. New York


Hi everyone, am new here, and i need some infromation.

am applying to the st. Paul's school of Nursing for the spring 2010, i am waiting for a date from them to take the Net exam. i need infromation from anyone who got accepted into the st. Paul's program recently. what is the needed score for the net exam?, and how was the net exam?. also, is it hard to get in? and does GPA counts for a lot?

so many questions, please help me!!!!!! , thanks a lot!!!!


***** Beware -

There are no jobs for NEW NURSES in the NYC area ---

Also the two year ASN Degree is jsut about worthless...they all want a BSN, even the job listings for nursing homes are requiring a BSN

Yet--- St. Pauls and other 2 year ASN programs are allowed to take your money

PS don't expect any job placement help once you graduate either..:mad:

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