st. paul's school of Nursing , on staten island

U.S.A. New York


Hi everyone, am new here, and i need some infromation.

am applying to the st. Paul's school of Nursing for the spring 2010, i am waiting for a date from them to take the Net exam. i need infromation from anyone who got accepted into the st. Paul's program recently. what is the needed score for the net exam?, and how was the net exam?. also, is it hard to get in? and does GPA counts for a lot?

so many questions, please help me!!!!!! , thanks a lot!!!!

I took it on the 18th.

u took it for st. paul school of nursing on staten island? because am still waiting for the exam data. they are taking for ever.

Did any of you take the test yet? I'm taking it Oct.20th...

i haven't taken it yet . am taking it on oct.27. please let me know how it is when you take it. and if there is any thing you can share about the school please do. thanks!!! Best of luck!!!!

yes i'll let you know :)

does anyone know what type of grammar questions there will be? i'm really nervous... i hope this test won't be too bad!

Thanks SMC6787. well my friend took it last year. she said that the grammar part was just about singular, plural, nouns, sentence sturcture, subject and verb agreement. if you have the net study guide, it will help.

i think that you shoul put more time into the english and math, thats what counts.

am nervous abut the englis..

thank you! i'm so nervous that this test is in 8 days!!

I am taking the test on Oct 27th....I have the net study guide but is the test just on math and grammer?

Im confused if there is some science on it as well...

Good luck taking it on the 20th!

From what I heard from the school, it's a science reading comprehension...good luck to you too!! =)

the test is math, reading comp, grammer, science, and reading rate. but only the math and reading com scores

they look at.

hello everyone,

I just took the NET exam today and it was okay. The Reading comprehension was probably the most difficult just bc we did not have enough time...many of us did not get to finish that section. The math was fairly easy. Overall, it's a longggg test! Good luck next week! =)

hi SMC6787, i hope it all goes well with the result. i hope its ok if i ask you some questions. was the math and reading like the one in the study guide? and how was the science and written expression? and, (LOL) was the test given on the computer? or was it like fill in the bubbles paper and pencil?

thanks sooooooooo much, i really pray that we make it.

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