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St. Paul School of Nursing (Queens) Winter 2021

by SoontobeRNToya SoontobeRNToya (New) New Student


I submitted my application Aug/2020, which was too late for the Fall semester. I have passed my Wonderlic and submitted all my paperwork. At this point I am just waiting to hear about my acceptance....Anybody else waiting for this same semester?????

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Hey I applied for the Spring semester 

I applied for the Spring 2021 semester. I also passed the Wonderlic exam and submitted all my paperwork. I spoke to the admissions office and she said that I will get a response in November.

Lets keep each other updated as far as a response.. im anxious....

I applied for the same semester and was told they would let me know in November as well. I'm dying waiting to hear back. 

I applied for the evening classes and I'm nervous about knowing the class schedule. I still have to work, so I hope the schedule works out.

I think classes should still be online but if not you may have to adjust things. Nothing is guaranteed in Nursing School as far as schedule when it comes to clinicals. 

We should be hearing something anyday now. I'm sooo nervous.....

I also applied for the Spring 2021 semester.  I haven't heard anything yet.  I'm sooooooo nervous!

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Ughhh it’s driving my crazy. I emailed. They said the committee has the applications. So it should be soon. Did you apply for Day or Night?

hey! did anybody apply to the January 2021 semester for the Staten Island location ??

Hello. I applied for the Queens location. Have you heard from your location as far as Admission??

hey! did anybody apply to the January 2021 semester for the Staten Island location ??


no, not yet have you? 

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Nope. I spoke with someone yesterday. They said by the end of November or maybe sooner. 


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Check your email if u applied to queens I’m on a waiting list😕


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I had a lot of stuff plus recommendation letters I’m already CPR certified.. IDK honestly over it LOL