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Hello! I just got into St. Luke's in Bethlehem and I was wondering if anyone has been in, or knows anything about the program. I'm pretty excited, just looking for some info if anyone has any.. I just hope it's better than RACC's program, that's where I'm coming from, and it was a big dissapointment :/

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When did you get your letter and was all your prereq's complete? DId you have to interview?

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I got my letter around the second week of July.. There was an interview, and an ATI critical thinking test, and I had all my prereqs completed, but I'm pretty sure they are okay if you still need a couple. Did you apply there?

Hey congrats on your acceptance ashleyisawesome! I am trying to get accepted there as well and waiting to hear about a decision in October after not getting in the first round. Not sure if that's a good thing yet, but I am trying to be positive--it's not a yes, but not a no, either! Can I ask what your critical exam score was as well as your GPA if you don't mind? Is this your first application w/ them? I am trying really hard to get in and know in my heart I want to be a nurse. I am a little discouraged right now and could use some information! Thanks!

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sure! my critical thinking exam was 89% i think, but they told me i was in the 99th percentile, so i think that really helped. my gpa is rather low right now.. lets just say its below a 3.0... because i was going to NS at reading area community college and failed clinical first semester :( (that was a big mess i wont get into right now), however, i had a B in theory, and all my other grades were As and Bs, with the exception of one C+ in Psych... so i was really scared that i wouldnt get in...

Amy, the woman that sends out all the emails and did the interview, told me it would really help out if i showed that i was making an effort to improve myself and get ready for clinical again, so I have started some volunteer work and I think that really helped out.. That is an option for you, try volunteering, and send amy an email so she can note it in your file..

also if grades may be the issue, is it an option to retake any classes you didnt get good grades in for fall semester? I think if you show any initiative to really make yourself look better, they like that..

let me know if you want have anymore questions! i hope to see you in january in class!

Hi again and thanx for the reply! I feel like I'm in the dark half the time w/ waiting and trying to figure out what it takes to get into these nursing programs!!!! So your info really helps!

I think the critical exam score holds a lot of weight b/c it shows possibly how well you will do on the nclex? My GPA is around the same as yours and my C was in Chem. and I think that is taken into consideration b/c it is a science course. I have been in touch w/ Amy there as well--quite often actually and hopefully that will help. Do you know anything more about the review processes--1st and 2nd? And did you say you had finished all of your prereq's? Anything else u can think of is appreciated! Thanx!

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Yes, I have all of my pre reqs finished except statistics, which is optional.. Did you get an interview in June? If you did, how did it go? and did they send you a letter saying you didn't get in or that you will be considered for the October deadline? I had asked during my interview if I didnt get in during this round, would i be able to try again for October, and she said only if I changed the things that made them say no, like retaking some of my classes to get better grades, volunteering, etc. So I signed up to volunteer a week after the interview and let her know, I dont know how much that helped?

From your first post it sounds like they didnt say yes or no, so maybe they are on the fence, and want to check out the other people before they give you a definite yes? I wonder how many people applied, the website says they take 60-90 a semester. I wonder i Amy could tell you how many people are applying so you could get a better idea of your chances.. and maybe ask her if she has any suggestions of how to make yourself stick out.

I think the critical thinking exam shows how well you will do with nursing tests in general, because most of the questions on nursing exams are critical thinking questions, so if you do well on that ati exam, you will most likely do well on their tests. How was your score, if you dont mind me asking?

Ill let you know if i think of anything else.. I know how nerve wracking it is not knowing! I'm super nervous about starting, but I'm relieved to know i have a spot :w00t:

Definitely update me on here if you hear anything! I hope you get in!!

Hi again and thanx for your info! It is keeping me a little more encouraged. I'm sure that it is a lot to think about and take in when starting a nursing program, but it sounds so exciting to be on your way to achieve your goals and dreams. I am happy for you--the wait is over!

I am trying to keep my chin up and eyes fixed on the goal!

Yes, I did have an interview in June and my ATI score was 73--I heard that is decent. The interview went well--there is always the I wish I said this or wish I said that afterwards, but I hope that they could see my heart is in this and will be a great student. My letter said that I am up for the review in Oct.--was not a yes or no. I have finished all the sciences and still have a few classes left that are OK to not have completed by the deadline, I was told as long as they are completed by Dec. Those I am taking this fall. I had one summer class and I think that they did not receive the official transcript in time for the 1st review and that is why I am up in Oct.? I am hoping so! I'm sure it's a combination of things. LMK if u hear anything else and enjoy your journey!

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Hey just checking in. I was wondering if you heard anything yet from St. Lukes? :)

Hey, thanx for checking in! I am stilllllll waiting. I was told that letters go out in the beginning of November. Do you know of anyone else that's waiting or that did not get to the 2nd review or any other info? I am the worst when it comes to waiting for this. I really don't know what to expect and if it happens, it is a true miracle as far as I'm concered! I am trying to remain hopeful, faithful, and positive, but it is a challenge sometimes! :confused: LMK if you hear anything and I will do the same. Have a good one!

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sorry, i don't know anyone who even applied to the program, so im not sure.. have you gotten any news yet?

Hello Ashley. Im attending st. lukes school of nursing in the fall. Can you give me a heads up on what to expect? Any tips and advice would be appreciated.