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1st Day Back and Guess What Ins Told US?

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Hi all,

I'm in 4th semester theory (part timer) and just started back today. Our instructor told us that our schools pass rate for NCLEX was at the lowest its ever been. I figured "How bad could it be?". She tried to move on, but being the bright students we are, we just had to ask the %. She told us it is in the 50% range. I have no idea if its high 50's or low because it doesn't really matter, it's butt poor! So, of course, the feces are hitting the fan. They are tightening grades and who knows what else. I was hoping they were going to tell us they are starting an NCLEX review class prior to grad, but no. That would help much more than having to get an 80 on everything instead of a 78 average. Now, I know that alot of schools have the 80 in place as well as HESI (we don't, but I see it coming). I can't help but wonder what my next 9 months will be like. I'm afraid, very afraid :stone

I also have to add that I just passed my pn boards and what really helped me pass was studying. I actually bought a book, studied (every day), and sought out help here from all of you as well as Suzannes plan. Do you think that there are graduates that just sign up to test and expect to pass with no study time? It seems they did at my school. UGH!!!

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What a shame. We were slapped around also due to the prior year being in the 80% pass range. It didn't worry me too much. Just do whatever you need to do to keep your grades as high as possible so you aren't under the wire with finals and jump through whatever hoops they present to get their permission to take NCLEX. I was always confident in my testing ability and also my determination to study appropriately for the boards and to tell the truth both my LPN and RN instructors knew this and that really helped keep them from breathing down my throat. Hang in there you are almost done!!

I believe our school went through something similar recently. I am only 2nd semester, but I think they were restructuring things as well.

Good luck to you...I hope this doesn't impact how things will go for you through school and how you do on the test!!

If you want to know the actual pass rate, go to your state's BON website - they should have it listed for every school (although they may not have the numbers up yet from the most recent class to test). Prep prep prep. Hopefully you've been studying from NCLEX books throughout the program and you're used to answering that style of question. My school has had 100% for the last 3 semesters, and they only require a 75% for a passing C. However, we had to take a HESI in every core subject, worth up to 40% of our grade, plus the exit HESI to graduate. I've graduated, won't take NCLEX for another month or so, and I have an entire shelf of NCLEX study aids. I didn't buy them for boards, but to get through my program. Hopefully the poor numbers reflect only on that particular class and their ability/study skills, and not on your instructors. In any case, make sure you're in that top half, that you strive for well over 80%, and that you continue to use your NCLEX books to study for all of your exams until you graduate.

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