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St Anthony's ED


I have an interview for the ED at St Anthony's... I've heard LOTS of bad things about their ED though... anyone work here?... can you tell me your opinion/experiences? Thanks!

I am not sure how many "St. Anthony" hospitals there are in Missouri but I work at the one in St. Louis. Our ED is only a Level II trauma center but we are the third largest hospital with the fastest growing population area in the county. We just opened a beautiful pedi ER that is totally state of the art.

Perfect place to work? No ... there is no such thing. We have a dedicated staff and a wonderful orientation program. ER does high a higher turnover than some of the other units but that has more to do with the inherent pressures of the job.


Has 4 years experience.

HI there,

I was wondering if you took the job at St Anthony's St Louis back in 2009? If yes, how was/is it? I was thinking of applying there, but so many bad stories still loom over St Anthony's...

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you

SAMC is the busiest level II trauma center in the area! You are going to be challenged and expected to perform above the bar. The pressures are sometimes too much for those folks looking for something a bit more slower paced and not so high level. Best advise is to shadow and see if you like/love it. Only you can make that decision.

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