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Sprucing up the exam rooms


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I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions to help make our exam rooms more welcoming. The walls are grey and the color in the room comes from all the old worn and torn flyers stapled to the wall most of which I have taken down and replaced with new ones. A few ideas I have are to put up pictures of the providers along with the nurses and maybe some info on them. Our clinic sees everything! Prenatal, peds, adults, geriatrics, primary care, and some times urgent care. I would really like to make the rooms more welcoming and maybe even fun at least for the kids. Any suggestions would be great! I would love to paint the rooms but that is not up to me at this point :D


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We have art on the walls, and wallpaper with borders too. We are a doctor's office which is part of a health care group that is patient-centered, with the concept of being a "medical home". Not only is it nice for patients, it's nice for the staff. Doctors get to specify what they'd like in their offices, selecting everything they like. Our women doctors and NPs and PAs like having blooming orchid plants in their offices, and the group pays a gardener to come around the whole facility to keep the plants looking in tip top shape and watered. It's wonderful!

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A simple change of color in the rooms can make a HUGE difference. Gray is not a warm and fuzzy color. Even a light tan/ beige can make a great impact. Also cheap paintings/art help. Pictures/info of providers are nice, especially for new patients.:nurse: