Spring 2012 RN to BSN applicants

by SquirrelRN304 SquirrelRN304, BSN Member

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Hi, I am new here and an ADN student graduating this summer from Rio Hondo College.

I am looking forward to apply to RN to BSN programs in SoCal: Csu Fullerton, Csu Long beach, Csu Los Angeles, and Mt San Mary

I am also planning about applying to Csu Fullerton's RN to MSN program. If I can get in, it would be even more fantastic!

I know it is early to be planning apply for next year but hey you can never be over prepared right?:D

Just wondering if there is any ADN graduates out there that have similar plans as me, or student currently enrolled in the RN to BSN programs from the schools I am interested in and give me some tips??

I know that the prelicense BSN programs are all extremely competitive but anyone knows about the RN to BSN programs? Any information would be greatly apprepriated!!:redpinkhe:redpinkhe