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SquirrelRN304 has 6 years experience as a BSN and specializes in CTICU.

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  1. SquirrelRN304

    KPSAN 2021

    I’m wondering about that too. I heard previous years are about 70-80. I’m curious to see if that number is different from previous because it is being done online this year.
  2. SquirrelRN304

    KPSAN 2021

    This years interview is being conducted via zoom. I’m really curious to see how much their traditional interview process is going to be maintained or modified. Either way, time to do some interview prep!
  3. SquirrelRN304

    KPSAN 2021

    Just got the email for interview! 🤩
  4. SquirrelRN304

    KPSAN 2021

    I don’t believe the portal log in is related to acceptance decisions. Could just be technical issues. I am getting impatient with the wait though. KPSA definitely has a very lengthy application process. That being said, their website says interview invites go out in December so good luck to everyone! Hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer
  5. Yeah they will call you to schedule appt with recruiter and email u new hire package.
  6. Congratz!! See u at orientation!
  7. Ty! Hope u get good news soon too!
  8. Just got a call! I was offered the position! -dances-
  9. I interviewed with the maternal/child director. She said she had about 15-17 interviews.
  10. I havn't. Hopefully next week we will get some words. Sounds like they interviewed so many people.
  11. And today would be exactly one week since interview...I am so nervous >
  12. I interviewed last Wed. 01/29. I am soooo glad you started this thread. Best of luck to all of us.
  13. SquirrelRN304

    Spring 2012 RN to BSN applicants

    Hi, I am new here and an ADN student graduating this summer from Rio Hondo College. I am looking forward to apply to RN to BSN programs in SoCal: Csu Fullerton, Csu Long beach, Csu Los Angeles, and Mt San Mary I am also planning about applying to Csu Fullerton's RN to MSN program. If I can get in, it would be even more fantastic! I know it is early to be planning apply for next year but hey you can never be over prepared right? Just wondering if there is any ADN graduates out there that have similar plans as me, or student currently enrolled in the RN to BSN programs from the schools I am interested in and give me some tips?? I know that the prelicense BSN programs are all extremely competitive but anyone knows about the RN to BSN programs? Any information would be greatly apprepriated!!:redpinkhe:redpinkhe