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Spring 2009 Graduates


We are almost there! I have been waiting for the holidays to come and go because that meant in January it is only 15 weeks left till graduation.

Currently in Pediatrics rotation and don't want it to end b/c I love the floor and the patients but do want to graduate ASAP.

Anyone else counting down the days?

Counting the days on a daily basis. Have multiple countdown widgets on my various web spaces. I hate to wish away time - but I really want school to be over.


Specializes in Med/Surg n ICU.

I am soooo ready!!! I have 5 months 9 days in 7hrs in 30mins!!!!!:yeah:

I am so ready for Graduation too. I love the holidays but can't wait to start my last semester in Jan because that means it is nearly OVER.

May 8, 2009 cannot come soon enough. Then it will all be worth it!


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I'm waiting for April 25, 2009 :yeah:


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158 days until graduation...............May 15th is pinning...........woo hoo........Im scared of 4th semester...........I heard its the hardddddddddd and alot people fail the 4th semester.


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WA-HOOOO!! :yeah: According to my countdown clock... I've got 158 days left until May 15, 2009!!

I am in the last part of Neuro now (final is next Monday)... then Holiday break. Then it's "The Final Countdown"!

:monkeydance: :yelclap: :cheers:

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