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Is there anybody on this board that will be taking Bio189&L at CSN(community college of southern nevada) in the spring? I was able to snag a lecture and lab but they are on different campuses. Does that matter??? This is the first time I have even been able to get into a Biology class. Also, is it possible to trade with someone? I have a lecture at cheyenne campus and that is so far away from me, I'm hoping to get one at Henderson campus.. thanks

I took Biol 189 in 2009 at Henderson. If I remember correctly, some people were able to trade labs via ANGEL, but I don't know about lecture. I had to get into 189 on the purge, but I was able to get both lab and lecture at the same campus.

It doesn't matter where you take them as long as you have a lab and a lecture. (I'm taking micro this semester- lecture@ cheyenne, lab@ charleston)

Good Luck! 189 was a tough class :grn:

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When I took Bio189 there was a way online to post "trades". It was really cool. Many people want to trade and so you would sign onto the angel online campus and I am assuming go to your mail. I say assuming because when I took it the school was still working on the WebCT platform and not angel yet. Anyway, you will see a lot of people asking to trade this for that etc. If you find someone you want to trade with you will need to meet them at one of the CSN campuses in order to go to registration and they will help you from there. As far as taking lecture and lab at different locations that is fine. A lot of people do that. Also, if you are not able to find someone to trade with just wait until school starts because a lot of people drop out within the first week or two. You should be able to switch at that point by talking to registration. Good Luck.:)

Hey thank you both, I appreciate it. I have never heard of the angel swap thing... does this happen once the semester has started or what? Hmm would love to try and swap with someone.

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I am not sure. I know with WebCT it was prior to the start of school. If I were you I would sign into angel and check your emails. When someone does email for a trade it goes to everyone. Wish I could be of more help. You can always call the school and talk to someone in registration and maybe they could tell you more about the process on angel..But I do know you should have no problem switching, whether it be prior to the first day or after. I do know that labs typically do not begin until at least one week after lecture begins. When you are able to sign into the class online you will be able to read the sylabus and it will tell you when labs begin.

**as a side note-even though you will be taking the class at the campus you will also be signing into angel in order to print out the lab manual, sylabus etc. Just thought I would let you know in case you were not aware of that. If you have any other questions let me know.

Thank you! I was almost going to drop the class just because it is going to be really hard for me to get over to Cheyenne Campus at 7am! By the time I was able to register that was the only slot available. So I think I will hold out til the purge at least and see if I can get in one at Henderson. By the way, just curious what does a lab consist of? What do you do in a lab? I don't know anybody taking biology classes so I am completely clueless as to what to expect. Thanks again for you help

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I am sooo glad you didn't drop. I don't anticipate you having any problem switching. Lab classes are, as you know, once a week for 3 hours. You will have a 10 question quiz at the start of every class covering the prior weeks material. You will do some experiments in class like checking your blood type. You will sometimes watch a video. Many times the instructor will allow you to leave once the quiz and video are completed. It depends on the instructor. I have taken Biol189, Biol223 & 224 and all but on instructor allowed us to leave. The lab is stricly anatomy, while the lecture is physiology. The Sciences are extremely demanding so make sure you set aside study time each week. There is about a 50% drop-out rate for Bio189, but don't let that scare you. I really think it's because students are just shocked at the amount of material covered and unlike the other pre-reqs you must understand the physiology and not just memorize it. My best advice is to read each chatper prior to lecture, record the lectures and be sure to go over the notes you take in class preferrably within 2 hours after class. Studies show up to 70% can be lost if not reviewed in that time fram. Listen to the lectures in your car, at work etc. Any time you get the chance. It will feel overwhelming at first. Just don't fall behind. Biol 223&224 are just as difficult. You have a long road ahead, but trust me it will go fast. It seems like yesterday I was in Biol 189. I actually took it in spring 2009. Please don't hesitate you PM me is you have any questions at all. I will help if I can.

I was definitely anticipating it to be difficult. I have a 2 year old and finding time to study is a real challenge but I have to do it. Are you almost finished with your pre-reqs? I am signed up for Bio189,Math 120 and Political Science... starting to think I might have to drop math or psc to make it through Spring and take one during summer instead.

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I have to re-take Biol224- ended with a C-. Sigh....Had a lot going on this past semester and didn't study nearly as much as I should have. So I have to re-take Bio224. I also need to take Bio251 and Comm. Then I can finally apply to the nursing program. I heard Political Science has a lot of reading and work. If I were you I would take Hist 101 &102. I took Hist 101 in the summer and it was a cakewalk. Only had to do 2 exams and like 5 discussion questions. I just finished Hist 102 with the same instructor and I so wish I had waited to take it next summer. The summer classes are only 4-8 weeks long versus 16. This semester I had 4 exams, 15 discussion questions and an essay. Same teacher. Go figure.:uhoh3: Anyway, it's totally up to you but with a little one you may be setting yourself up for a huge battle in Bio189. Do you work outside the home? Also, I took Math 100B instead of Math120. Math 100B is Math and Dosage Calculations for Health careers. Focuses more on what we will be doing as a nurse. Just something to think about. Any other questions let me know. I will be leaving work soon so if do not get back on here tonight I will check tomorrow for any other questions you may have.

I don't know why I said Math120, I'm taking 100b as well. Are you taking an internet course or in the classroom? I'm taking an internet course. And for PSC, you are probably right. I just chose PSC for the quicker route, which might have been a bad choice. From what I read though it's a lot of writing and exams which I think I can handle. I just finished my ENG100 class so I have touched up a bit in my writing skills haha. COM101 is the class I am dreading the most out of any of them. But good luck! And keep in touch, it's nice being able to talk to someone else that is kinda in the same boat!

I thought most of the class trading on ANGEL was done after the semester starts because you can't access your courses on there until the first day. I never switched with anyone, though. I also took MATH 100b online and it was easy peasy (math is not my friend). Butterfly is SO on target about the PSC! I took that in the spring and wished I had done it the other way because it was very time consuming. I managed too get through 224 this semester with a B, so I'm taking the TEAS next month and applying to the nursing program. I also took COM101 this semester and I hated it, but I got an A (if I can do it, you can). I heard 215 is easier because its group, but it wouln't work with my shedule. Good Luck!!!

:crying2: so sorry to hear you have to retake 224, Butterfly. I'm applying to the program without my micro and soc finished. I'm signed up to take the TEAS Jan 22nd, and I'm hoping I'll have enough points after that. I'll be 23-25ish so it could go either way.

Best of luck to you this semester :hug:

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