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Our school decided this upcoming semester we had to provide our own Sphygmomanometer. I don't know why, they have TONS of them. Anyway, looking up reviews gets some very mixed opinions. Everyone I have looked up has multiple one star reviews on Amazon, even the higher end ones from Welch Allyn and ADC. I just want something that will work for school and not hinder me with having a piece of junk. So is there a good one out there?

Well I got an ADC cuff based on the advice of someone who was a Paramedic, nurse and who is now a Nurse practitioner if anyone is looking for one in the future. I hope it works out.

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I picked up one from Walgreens years back when I was in my first semester. Did the job. Couldn't complain.

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Just be sure you find one you can calibrate yourself, you’ll be fine. Most issues I’ve had with manual bp result from poor technique or poor calibration.

My advice is to make sure that the little (threaded) knob that you turn isn't loose & wobbly. That's one of the most crucial components on the device. I can't say much about brand names.

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I've been getting medical supplies from Hopkins Medical company for over 30 years. Only needed 2 BP cuffs from them in all these years as Home Health nurse. Get one with nylon cuff so it can be disinfected easily.


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