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i'm getting ready to start the lpn program at spencerian college in louisville ky at the end of june and was wondering if there are any current or former spencerian college(louisville or lexington) students out there that can tell me anyting about there experience.


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I know several people who graduated from Spencerian. Not to scare you, but every single one of these people told me NOT to go to Spencerian. They had terrible experiences. The biggest complaint was that it was soooo disorganized, and they had to teach themselves. Sorry.


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The program is very disorganized, however, they do have some good LPN instructors. I learned a lot. Overall it was overpriced. The RN Program was HORRIBLE. It was very disorganized. Several teachers were inept and had no clue. They gave less than 20 hrs notice that we had to be in clinical every Saturday, starting the next day. Unfortunately for the ones that worked only weekends at their jobs, it caused quite a problem. We were told to "suck it up and deal with it." The students that had to work at their jobs were instucted to "call into their jobs every Saturday because school is more important."


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Yeah thats pretty much what I've heard so far. My reason for choosing spencerian though is because I went there for medical coding and overall had a very good experience. It was my experience that the people who complained about the school the most were the ones who wanted everything handed to them. My biggest reason for choosing this school is because for the LPN program I don't have to retake A&P because Ive already taken it there 2 years ago. that, and when I go for my RN, I don't have to take my english or math classes because I've already taken them as well. also, with it being a small school I got to know alot of the instructors and directors (who all still work there) really well and most everyone was more than happy to help me in any way that they could.


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I went to spencerian for medical coding too and I am now trying ot get back in and I am wanting to take the LPN program too. I had a family member who went for LPN also and she was it was difficult but really when is school not a little hard at time you know. When I went for medical coding i really liked the college the is why I am returning I just have to go and take the TEAS test on the 17th I am trying to get into the June quarter did you have to take the TEAS test if so what was it like?


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How much does it cost to go there? I haven't been able to find out any information over the phone.

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