Southwest TN Community College Spring 2014


All questions and comments pertaining to getting into the Spring Semester of 2014 at Southwest TN Community College


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I have been attending Southwest for some time now and am just now at a point to where I am ready and able to apply for the program. Is there anyone else that is applying for this program or has questions or concerns like I do?

Go to the Tennessee thread, there is normally some chatter over there about South West Community College. From what I have read, and heard from people who have applied there, they are slow about notifying people who have been accepted into the program. I've heard a few complaints about a rude person or two that works there, but have not really heard anything bad about the actual program.


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Hey! I'm attending there now! Just finished both A&P's over the summer! Will be taking Micro, Eng, Psych, Nutrition this Fall! I plan to apply to SouthWest's and U of M's nursing program for Fall '14!!

Good luck!!


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Congrats Memphismom, I hope you get into one of the schools of your choice. I was going to do U of M but I need one more humanities class in order to apply for it, and plus I work full time. I figured if I don't get into Southwest that I will go ahead and go for my LPN at TN Tech center, they have a one year program for that, and then just go for the fast track program at Southwest. and DadStudentPerhaps, I have looked through alot of the threads but had not previously seen the ones that you suggested so thank you. I am going for the spring of 14 and from what I have read it is pretty hard to get in and I am kind of nervous since my index score is a 52, but i am going to try for it anyway.


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Hi, everyone! I just wanted to join this feed and tell a little bit about myself and my journey. I graduated from the University of Memphis in 2009 with my Bachelors in Psychology. While attending UofM, I realized I wanted to pursue a nursing degree as well, I have taken all classes, aside from A&P I&II. I will be taking these in the Spring/summer 2014. I will be applying for the Spring 2015 program. Also, I just wanted to get an idea of price or the average of each semester? Thank you and Im excited to have a place to come to for help and advice!

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Has anyone heard anything about the 2014 Spring hopefuls? Im new to this site and have yet to find anything. :grumpy: Im waiting to hear whether or not Ive been accepted into the program. News about index score ranges? I hate this waiting game and Im terrified Im not going to get in in January. ANYONE plllllleeeeaassseee help with anything you know.

Anything is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!


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Hey toughathanalion. I haven't heard anything yet and its literally driving me insane. I called the Nursing Department last week and they told me that they haven't even received all the applications from admission and records yet. She said they were meeting on November 18th to review all the applicants and we will know before Thanksgiving. I'm not sure how true this is though! If you haven't noticed every employee at Southwest tells you something different.

Thank you Kcamp115 for replying!! How the hell have they not received all applications when the deadline is wayyyy over? Ughhh Im so scared! I just wish I could fast forward time. I called last week too, and asked about index score averages and they said the same thing about meeting next week. Do you mind telling me your index score? I dont know anyone whose applying, so I have no idea if mine is ridiculously low or not. This is the only program Im applying for so I HAVE to get in or Im going to be heartbroken. This waiting game is awful lol.


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Your so Welcome! I'm thinking that admissions has to send the applications over to the nursing dept. and they haven't done that. They better not allow people to apply after the deadline. That wouldn't be too fair. I sooo wish I could fast forward time too. I mean we have been waiting for almost a month now. I think my index score is a 62.4. I got all A's in A & P 1, A & P 2, & Micro. My GPA is a 3.83 and I made a 106 on the NLN. I was soo upset about my NLN score but the vocabulary killed me. What is your index score if you don't mind me asking.

I have a 55.8 :( you're so smart! I made a 123 on the NLN, an A in A&P 1, but Bs in A&P 2 and Micro. I took them at the same time when everyone said it would be a death sentence. :( I have a 3.58 GPA. My grades are completely As and Bs. This sucks so much.

Youre definitely in! IM THE ONE THAT SHOULD BE WORRIED :arghh: