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  1. So as I was checking on a couple applications (non nursing, im not a nurse yet) at my favorite hospital, I asked what departments do fresh graduate nurses often get to choose from, and what does the pay look like. She answered, "Well I am not a nurse recruiter, so I dont know all the departments but of course they wouldn't put a new grad in say, the ER or surgery. But the starting pay for new grads, no matter the department, is $19.25."

    What? That cant be right! I mean out of all the salaries I have seen online- even ones for this same hospital-I have never seen an RN get paid that low. Could it be that my favorite hospital is just cheap, and if it is, why is it considered one of the best places to work in our area?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Are you positive that the salaries you've seen are for new grad RNs? Often, salaries are reported as averages, including the least experienced and the most experienced. You also need to take cost of living into consideration- if any of those salaries you've looked at are for other areas, how does the cost of living compare?
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    Thanks for replying, Rose Queen, and I have considered those things, as I have tried to focus my research on starting salary vs average. It seems that they just use one for the same. Or, staying pay meaning a nurse who isn't a new grad just starting at the hospital with experience...

    Im not trying to complain, I will gladly accept that pay I just didn't think there would be that much of a difference. I mean $19 vs $24 is a whole $5 per hr difference! I guess it doesn't really matter. It's just to start out, and I know I won't get top of the line pay right out of school.
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  5. by   FutureRNLana
    From what I've seen thus far: Columbia starts at about 22/hr plus diff; Myrtle Beach 22-23/hr plus diff. I think Greenville is at the same as well as Charleston. I know economically depressed areas such as Orangeburg Co and Chesterfield Co are on the lower end of 19/hr. Just depends on what area you live in. Look up some hospitals and do research. I'm not a nurse yet but I know the pay isn't as high as it new nurse grads deserves, however, compared to other professions that require only an AS, pay is decent.