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  1. I am wanting to travel to SC for my first assignment. Have been submitted to Grand Strand at Myrtle Beach and Palmetto in Columbia. Any info would be appreciated. Does the hospital in Sumter ever use travelers? Thanks for any hlep
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    i am wanting to travel to sc for my first assignment. have been submitted to grand strand at myrtle beach and palmetto in columbia. any info would be appreciated. does the hospital in sumter ever use travelers? thanks for any hlep
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    lena 2350...I live in Myrtle Beach. I love it here. I can not answer your question about the hospital in Sumter...but I would guess that you could call their HR department and ask them if they use travelers. Grand Strand is a nice hospital. Its kinda big and I know they do a lot of Cardiac stuff there. They rated somewhere in the top 100 hospitals in the country last year. Good luck where ever you land here in SC.
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    I don't know for sure, and please don't hold me to it....

    I do know that the Palmetto alliance here in Columbia is strongly involved with the University of South Carolina in MANY areas, as well as area technical schools....meaning the Undergrads and Graduates use Palmetto Richland as a primary teaching hospital. There is also a Medical School here in Columbia associated with USC, and they, too, go to Palmetto Richland.

    Seems to me that, with all the "free labor" (so to speak) that travelers might not be necessary - JMHO. Don't know about Myrtle Beach, though.

    Either way, SC is a great place to be. I've been here for all of my 27 years and couldn't imagine being anywhere all we have to do is get rid of that darn Jake Knotts character......
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    LOL he was a cousin to my DHs cousin. Indeed a true "individual."