Roper St Francis New Grad Interview

  1. Has anyone interviewed at RSFH for their new grad pipeline positions? I have an interview coming up and I'm super nervous!! I'm from California so I'm not super familiar with the hospital, just from what I've read online. I did a bunch of online assessment tests already and did the phone screening with HR, now I just have to interview with the nurse manager. How does the program work?

    I also have an interview coming up with Vibra Hospital. I haven't heard back from MUSC yet, seems like they mostly hire from graduates of their school?
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  3. by   AccelCNL
    How was the interview at Roper?
  4. by   mathematical
    It was rather laid back. I went to two at Roper and both were similar. I declined their offers though and ended up accepting a position at MUSC.
  5. by   AccelCNL
    Congrats!!! Even though you did not accept the position at Roper, what floors gave you offers? Could you also explain the new grad pipeline to me please? I am assuming of course that you received more info than is posted on the Roper website.
  6. by   mathematical
    Sorry for the late response!! I'm sure you finished interviewing now.. But if you still have questions please PM me!
  7. by   eliz84c
    I saw your posts on here and was hoping you might be able to help me out a bit! I am currently living in Texas, just graduated from nursing school and was looking at applying at MUSC, or anywhere around Charleston! I saw that you said you accepted a position at MUSC, How do you like it? I'm just wondering if it is going to be difficult for me to find a job there since I don't live there. Thanks for your help
  8. by   mathematical
    MUSC is awesome! It's very busy but everyone is really helpful and willing to teach. They are on a hiring freeze currently though and I'm not sure when they will start hiring again. Roper seems like a great place to work too if they are hiring. I know a lot of people start off at Vibra in Mt Pleasant too; it's an LTAC.
  9. by   eliz84c
    Thanks so much for responding! I just saw an ad on the 5th looking for new grad hires at MUSC!? Do you happen to know anything about East Cooper? I appreciate your feedback