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Does anyone know if this is a good program? I'm thinking about applying for it for Fall '08, but I don't know anyone who has gone to the school. I would love to know anything from quality of... Read More

  1. by   KMB11'
    The program is absolutely wonderful!! And contrary to what you may hear, there is plenty of time for other things besides school. I couldn't have asked for a better group of instructors, they find a way to keep you interested in learning.
  2. by   Je88
    Quote from KMB11'
    Hey Guys,
    I know you are all freaking out because I was in the same boat last year at this time, so I figured I'd help you guys out a little bit. I can remember checking this website everyday, and waiting by my mailbox trying not to vomit. For the Fall 2010 admission, there were 475 applicants and for Spring 2011 there were somewhere around 275 applicants. I did not receive word until the middle of March, and I felt like it was a year!! If you guys have any more questions, I would be glad to answer them!! Best of Luck =)
    Thanks so much for the help! Do you mind sharing what your stats were like? Do you have any idea what your classmates stats were like? Ie does everyone have a BA already, volunteer experience in a healthcare setting, gpa threshold, etc? Also, what kind of age range is there? I know, I know... I'm obsessed . I just keep flip flopping over whether or not I have any chance at all!
  3. by   Nursing4SC
    Hey KMB11, I had a few quick questions about your time at MUSC thus far:
    1. How soon did you start clinicals after classes started? What was that like?
    2. How many days a week do you have classes and clinicals?
    3. How have you and other nursing students liked Charleston?

    Thanks for all of your help!
  4. by   KMB11'
    Sorry guys, school has been really crazy lately!!
    My stats were not the greatest, in fact I really can't remember precisely. I had a 3.9 cumulative GPA, I have no idea what my science GPA was, a horrible SAT score of 1060, and I did have a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy. My classmates are brilliant, in fact one of the inventors of Gardisil is a classmate of mine. I believe 9 of them were on the wait list for a while, and I know that they did ask a girl to come in during our orientation. The program is really challenging, but also very rewarding. Not everyone has a Bachelors at the present and our classes age ranges from 19 to 45, with 16 males! I personally did have work experience, I was an EKG technician and a Unit Secretary for a year, but many of my classmates did not have experience before starting the program.

    Clinicals began the second week of school, and it was very frightening for those of us who had never taken care of a patient before, like myself. I got through it, and they pair you up on the first day. During the first semester you will have classes on Monday and Tuesday, a skills and health assessment lab on one day of the week and clinical on one day of the week, with a day off! The second semester you will have classes on Monday and Tuesday, a psychiatric clinical on one day, and another adult health clinical on another day, with a day off as well.

    My class loves Charleston, we are always planning activities on the weekends and are engaged in many different activities. There are plenty of things to do here, and it is very very beautiful. I hope this helps a little more, and again sorry it took so long to respond!!
  5. by   chucktown
    Thanks for the update!

    But you had a 3.9 GPA and you don't think your stats were good?
  6. by   jacreech
    For those of you who are curious, I asked Ms. Hudson what the stats were for Fall 2011 and this is her e-mail response to me below:

    We had 361 applicants for the Fall start term and less than ten were accepted in priority decision. I don't yet know how many of those 361 applications actually got all of their materials in.

    Best of luck!
    Lyla Hudson

    So, hopefully they are not waiting on materials, as it strictly states on the website that all materials had to be recieved by the 15th of January. Well it's good to hear I guess that we won't be finding out until mid March now b/c I was starting to worry with tomorrow being the 15th and I haven't heard anything yet Well not sure if the numbers ease your mind, but at least you won't have to guess!! Good Luck to everyone....
  7. by   Lynn D
    Okay, so basically one of every six gets in....... tick tock tick tock........
  8. by   jacreech
    Roughly, if you are considering they accepted 8? She wasn't specific, she said less than 10 already chosen. So that knocks the available seats to around 52. So yeah...Not that bad of odds....I guess
  9. by   Je88
    Wow. I'm glad you posted that! I'm always looking for new ways to deliberate over my odds of getting in!

    With that in mind... what are everyone's stats like?

    I have a 3.27 (but they've told me that they may be considering it a 3.51 because of a transcript issue) and my pre-req gpa is a 3.73 (but I'm currently enrolled in Micro and Stats). I have a good amount of volunteer experience, but not in a healthcare setting and I do not have a bachelor's degree already.

    Sheesh! Sounds awful when I write it down. On the upside, I think I have a great essay, I lived and studied abroad for 7 years (so I think I have a fairly unique background) and my resume is relatively interesting.

    Ay yi yi! How about you guys?
  10. by   asferguson
    My gpa is only a 3.28 ( because I have several bad grades from 8 years ago that I can't go back and change ) Since I returned to school last year I have kept a 3.7- So I'm hoping the earlier grades will not hurt me too much?
    I do have volunteer experience in a healthcare setting, and I feel really good about my references.
    As far as the essay goes... I felt like I couldn't express much in 100 words. So, I'm not very confident about it.
  11. by   sailor0811
    When do we here about acceptances/ rejections?
  12. by   mracestrada
    Quote from sailor0811
    When do we here about acceptances/ rejections?
    I heard that it would be by mid march
  13. by   Je88
    Yep. Mid-March! I can hardly stand it!