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Does anyone know if this is a good program? I'm thinking about applying for it for Fall '08, but I don't know anyone who has gone to the school. I would love to know anything from quality of... Read More

  1. by   Alydl79
    I emailed last week, she was very friendly, she said they had 14 priority but had not processed the other applicants yet. They all seem very friendly but I do not want to email But was wondering if any one had asked and heard otherwise. I am so anxious to find out!!
  2. by   becky3vb
    I applied priority admissions and got my acceptance letter today!! Best wishes to the rest of you!! I hope we will all be classmates in the spring!!
  3. by   Alydl79

    Sincerely congrats! I can only imagine how wonderful it feels. Best wishes to you and I HOPE to be in class with in the spring. Take care
  4. by   learner4180
    CONGRATULATIONS BECKY! Well done. I am playing the waiting game. I have been out of school for a long time and only recently went back to school so we'll see how they see me as an applicant. The school staff is really friendly and willing to help. I know last semester they took a while to send the letters out to many students. Not sure how this semester will be. Fingers crossed.
  5. by   Tiger95
    I was told by an admissions counselor on Tuesday that they will be sending out notifications by November 1st. They aren't even looking at the applications until Oct 4th in an effort to give more time for outstanding info to come in.
  6. by   bys22
    I applied to MUSC nursing program for Spring 2011 and I am so anxious to see if I got in. I thought that we would hear back from them at least a month after the deadline. So now they aren't sending out notifications until November 1st?
  7. by   Alydl79
    I figure if they are holding the meeting on October 4th then it should not take until Nov 1st to notify us, at least that is my hope. Maybe they just say Nov 1st so they don't get flooded with phone calls and emails inquiring about application statuses. Good luck to all
  8. by   Tiger95
    I agree. She did say we would hear "by Nov.1st" so I'm sure it will be sooner. I'm so anxious!
  9. by   HeatherZ99
    Does anyone know how many applicants there were for Spring 2011?
  10. by   becky3vb
    I'm really hoping you will all hear very, very soon!! I can appreciate how difficult it can be to wait. The time for priority to hear back was "by Sept. 30th". I heard on the 21st. Hopefully you will hear by mid October!! Keeping you all in mind as you continue to wait. Best wishes!!
  11. by   nics1286
    I was told that around 260 applied which is a lot less then applied for fall 2010. 14 people have already been accepted for priority?
  12. by   Alydl79
    I know that 14 applied, I do not know if all were accepted priority or not, but I know that their GPA's would be higher so I just assumed that they will be seated in the program. I know the cutoff GPA is a 3.0 but does anyone know what the average GPA is? I know they are doing it on 3 levels, I guess I am wondering about the cumulative GPA average.
  13. by   becky3vb
    When I wrote to them for info last spring, they told me that the average GPA for admitted students was a 3.4 but the range was from 3.0 - 4.0. She didn't specify which GPA that was, but my assumption was that it was the cumulative GPA. They also said that they generally get less than 10 students who apply for priority admission because most students haven't finished their science pre-reqs prior to application. It seems as though the elimination of the SAT scores had at least a minor correlation with the number of priority applicants. The wording of the priority admission info on the website also seems to indicate that not all priority admission applicants are accepted through that means. It says that those who are not accepted through priority will be considered for regular admissions. I don't have any first-hand info though as to how many were admitted.

    The number of applicants for the fall admission during the past cycle was 360. It's hard to really tell why there were less applicants this time but it may be that some students are still trying to finish their science pre-reqs since they changed that requirement. I guess the lower number of applicants gives everyone a better chance of getting accepted!!