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I will be applying in Sept for the Jan 2012 class does anyone know anything about their ADN program, it will be helpful, thanks.... Read More

  1. by   santeeaholic
    I am a former graduate of LPN and RN program at FDTC.

    Best advice is to print of the pre-requisites (CPR certification, immunizations, physicals, background checks, etc.) and have ALL of them completed as soon as possible and PRIOR to application into the program. There is a limited number of spots and a huge number of applicants. The ones chosen are the ones that have ALL of their stuff in order and everything is done.

    Personally, my experience with FDTC Nursing program...some of my instructors were great (willing to help, friendly, approachable, helful, etc.) and some of my instructions were just the exact opposite (if you get it, you get it; if you don't, you don't and did not even attempt to help students who were struggling). This is, of course, pretty much the same at any college with any profession. Tread lightly and keep your nose clean. Don't be late for any of your classes. Make this program your entire life while you are in school. Go over and beyond on your assignments-don't just try to "get by" doing as little as you can. Effort in your studies will make a lot of difference.

    Get all of your related courses out of the way as soon as you can. English, speech, anatomy, microbiology, math, etc. Try to get yourself in a position that the only classes you have to take with your nursing classes ARE nursing classes. It will be much easier for you to focus your attentions on your nursing classes as well as stroke the egos of some of your instructors that will need that from their students.

    Most of all, GOOD LUCK!!
  2. by   ronaksc
    Hello everyone, just wanted to update my journey throught the ADN program at FDTC. I Made it throught !! Here is my profile, I flunked every All the bio at lease once, I flunked My math, and my My Phsy. After finally passing them all i was finally accepted into the program. By the grace and favor of GOD , i Made it throught all my Nursing classes and never had to repeat a single one. Not only did i make it throught without any strikes, i was class Rep, and Gave the graduation speach on behalf of my fellow classmates. I recent took the boards and will know if i pass (in jesus name i speak it ). I'm saying all of this to say that no matter what has happend in your past, with GOD, hard work, and a will to make it you can do it. Just take it from me, i was counted out by my instructions and told i would never make it!! Thankfully i knew what god had in store for me and did not give in, and made those person only steping stones toward my success. I will update you guys on my Scores, keep the faith, and never give up or give in........:kiss
  3. by   mzrainydayz
    Well congrats to you, I wish you lots of luck on passing NCLEX. I hope you have a great and successful career as a nurse. I think FDTC is a great school, I applied but didn't get in. I also applied to HGTC ADN program and got in I start the nursing program this Tuesday. Kinda bitter sweet, I would have loved to do clinicals at Carolinas and Mcleod hospitals. The way I see it that nursing program wasn't for me God put me where I am suppose to be but anyway thanks for the words of encouragement.
  4. by   ronaksc
    I Am officially an RN.....!!!!! got my results TodAy!!!
  5. by   farm12345
    Im actually applying for the ADN in march 2013. I would like to know what the GPA was to get in. Mine aint that great considering I made a few c's on the prereq's!! I want to apply to the ADN but I think with my 2.7 gpa Ima apply for the LPN instead.but Im curious what the gpa of the ADN applicants were so I got an idea
  6. by   rbracey2
    Im currently suppose to apply to the adn program at cctc and i could not pass the teas test. Im a straight A student and I've taken every class to get in the rn program at cctc and now i can't get in for the march 2013 deadline. i live in sumter and im want to go to fdtc but transportation is hectic yes i got my own car but it's not all that perfect especially working at a part time job and school im super hot rite now i need some kind of support
  7. by   india.thomas1
    @ ronaksc Yay! I'm glad you made it through. I'll be starting Bio. 110 in the summer and I plan on finishing all of my bios and the rest of the pre-reqs so I can just focus on the nursing classes but I'm a little worried about the TEAS test (the math portion) because I'm not good at math but hopefully if I try my hardest I'll get in and is it true they only expect 10 people in the program?
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