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I will be applying in Sept for the Jan 2012 class does anyone know anything about their ADN program, it will be helpful, thanks.

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Thanks for info but I already have that, I kind of wanted to hear what someone's experience was as to having attending that college or if someone else is applying. Just wanted to know how the program and teachers are overall.


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NCLEX passing rate for the batch prior to us was 88%. Ours is 92.86% passing rate with 86% that have taken boards already. We graduated May 12, 2011. I invite you to visit this site http://fdtc.weebly.com/. FDTC is heavy on skills (and clinicals) and lecture content is focussed towards what is needed on the actual practice. There is no perfect school, there are teachers that does not fit our learning styles. I did not have a good experience with my advisors so I basically went through the program relying on myself. I had failing grades but never dared to ask for help with the fear that I might be further misled. Some of my classmates also had a not so good experience regarding advisors. I barely passed the program but am glad to pass the NCLEX the first time. I never heard any of the batch having difficulty on seeking employment.

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Congrats on your graduation and NCLEX! and thanks for info.

@ mzrainydayz, i came across your message. i also will be applying to fdtc in sept. for spring admission 2012. if you hear anything about the program may you please keep me post. thank you!

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Wow that's awesome, You will be applying the same time I am. If I hear or get any info I will let you know, and vice versa if you find out any info about the program. I am taking my last prereq math 110 college algebra I have 3 more classes left. I am counting down the days to Sept, can't wait to submit my application lol! Good luck!

We sure will be! :). I came to Tech today to get all my information together and ready for spring. I pray the both of us get in..... WELL I'M STAYING POSITIVE "WE WILL GET IN THE SAME TIME" :up:. I know the feeling with taking the last classes. It makes you smile from ear to ear. lol. I sure will let you know if I find out anything. I do know someone in the program now and she said everything is good just demand a lot but she just started in Spring so by the time we start, I will know a lot more. Thank you and Good luck to you too! We must keep in contact!


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:yeah::yeah: Congrats on getting through all the pre classes, those alone have made it hard enough for you getting into the program. I am D, I was finally accepted into the prgram for the Spring Class (Started in Jan). Just get ready to do the thing and get out. Nuring is not really hard its just know how to apply the information. Trust i'm not a smart guy, i was so scared when i got accepted b/c i was like i'm not nursing materal but trust its duable. I am Now starting my 3rd semester, our class started off work 68 people and we are roughtly down to about 50. As long as your ready to focus on nursing and nursing alone u will do fine. There is alot of material but if you read, read, and read somemore, i promise it will all make sence...YOUR on the road to becoming a :nurse: so just get focused, mature gud study habbits, get a gud group of people to excel u , and just go into it with an open mind and trust in urself and the power of GOD....trust u will learn how to pray and call on his name during nursing school...but i'm excited for you and will pray that u guys get accepted...let me know if there are any question that i can answer for you....:jester::jester:
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Thanks, really appreciate the support. Glad you are doing well in the program, I wish you lots of success in your journey to becoming a nurse. I feel like I am going to put my heart and soul into this nursing program. I want it so bad, only if words could express how I feel. I have a dosage calculations and fundamentals book I am going over. I am trying to get into the test taking/critical thinking mode. Wish me luck Sept I turn in my app!:yeah:

Hey MzRainyDays! This is new to me. Its not twitter or facebook where I can press the reply. lol. Yes, I know SEPT IS HERE!! I went yesterday and filled the application out. I was super HAPPY! I did not attend one of the meetings but another one is in Oct or Nov and I will attend then. As I wait, I'm just spending more time with my son and reading up on some Nurses books. What are you doing to keep yourself busy until we find out? How are you doing? I pray we both get in as well!!;)

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My next day off is Tuesday so I think I will go that day and turn in my application. I hate waiting on a response. I guess I have no choice. In the mean time I am just working trying to save for extra things like a physical, immun shots, bground check, drug test etc...... I have a dosage clac book, just trying to get a head start on the math. So when you get your letter in the mail please let me know, so I don't have to hijack the mail man, LOL! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yeah: