Are there any places around Charleston hiring new grad RNs?

  1. I am a new grad RN BSN (not currently living in SC) and am starting to think no one is interested. Is the market that bad / oversaturated from the schools in the area?
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  3. by   FLmomof5
    I got my endorsement for SC and within days I had 3 interviews in Charleston area and got 2 offers. The hospital job was with East Cooper Medical Center in Mt. Pleasant. All the new hires were NG's!

    Good luck with your search!
  4. by   skyegirl
    I recently graduated (Dec'11) and passed my boards Feb 20th. I am licensed (RN) in NC because I figured it would be easy to use in compact states, or switch over anyway. I have been sending resumes out in NC and SC, and having no luck so far. I have applied to MUSC, where I would absolutely love to work, but my application status has said referred to hiring manager for over a week now. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad sign? Do any new grad RN's have any experience with MUSC that didn't graduate in SC? I don't have a number/email to follow up with the HR dept at MUSC, and even if I did, I certainly don't want to be too pushy and scare them off. Does anyone have any advice on how to land a new grad RN job in Charleston with zero networking capabilities? I would be grateful for any advice.
  5. by   B4RN
    If you look on MUSC's website, they have several new grad RN positions that are available. They are in downtown Charleston.

    Good luck!