Aiken Technical College 2019 ADN/ Aiken Tech Nursing

  1. Looking for other folks who are putting in an application for the Spring 2019 Nursing Program at Aiken Tech.
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  3. by   RNHopeful2019
    I am turning my application in tomorrow with 37 points. What about you?
  4. by   shrmndlit
    I ended up with 43 points. I was actually accepted last semester but they forgot to send me an acceptance letter.
  5. by   RNHopeful2019
    Wow. You'll definitely get in!! I'm still taking Micro this semester so I'm missing points from that class so I'm very nervous! The only thing that may help is I have a 4.0 GPA. I hope we both get in! Good luck!!
  6. by   shrmndlit
    I hope so, I would have really enjoyed starting last semester. I think you will be very competitive with your score. Who do you have for Micro?
  7. by   RNHopeful2019
    Yeah starting last semester would've put you finishing around 7 months sooner. I hate that happened. The only person teaching Micro at ATC right now is Ms. Payne. I'm taking the hybrid class and not many people are passing. Thankfully I have an A right now. Just hate playing the waiting game to find out if I got in or not. Then rushing to get everything ready before January if I get in.
  8. by   SRuth96
    I applied. Dang I thought I actually stood a chance this semester compared to the last two times I applied but hearing how many points you both have and your GPA's, is making me a little nervous now! I spoke with the lady who calculates the official GPA's for the nursing program last semester and she said that for the spring, you typically want to aim for about 27 points and for the fall, you typically want to aim for about 30 points. I got right at 30 points this time so I'm hoping I will be getting in this semester. I'm retaking Microbiology again in hopes that it will bring up my GPA even more and so that way if I don't get in this semester, I will have (hopefully) 33 points. I have a high B in the class right now but we've only had 2 graded assignments so far. Has anyone heard when they may be sending out the letters? Good luck to you both! You both are SURE to get in!!
  9. by   RNHopeful2019
    Wow. If that's true I could've applied last semester!! I was told we wouldn't hear anything until the end of November. I hate waiting this long!! I've heard of one girl getting in with 29 points but that's the lowest. Hopefully we will hear something soon! From what I understand they always run late sending letters out and last time it was so far behind they sent emails to school email address first.
  10. by   SRuth96
    Yeah I had to call the school to ask if I got accepted last semester and the lady told me that if I hadn't already received an email, then it was a no. She said it took so long last semester because it was so competitive. She said that out of all of the years she's been at ATC, that was the most competitive semester she's seen yet. Of course the next day I finally received my letter in the mail telling me I didn't get in. I wish they'd let us know sooner so we have time to prepare ourselves if we do get in. If I get accepted, this will be my first year having to take out a loan and I'm not sure exactly how to do that (other than obviously applying through FASFA) and I'll need to know how much I will need to take out. It's stressful all the way around but it will all pay off in the end. I just have to remind myself to look at the bigger picture.
  11. by   shrmndlit
    I hope they get word to those that are accepted way sooner then what this last class went through. I know they just hit their half way Mark and lost 10 student's. That means they will have to apply with us for next semester and go into the same pool. I think the acceptance score is lower for the spring due to when classes end VS when the applications are due. If I remember correctly you have to have everything you need going into the fall semester to apply for the spring.

    I'm starting to get excited again and can't wait to get started. I've already started going through a Fundamentals book on my own so hopefully that will give me a little jump start. Good luck to everyone.
  12. by   Erinity
    I'm hopefully waiting as well!! 34 points and GpA 3.33 transferring in. I'm extremely nervous now looking at everyone's GPA and points. I'm going back to school after earning a Degree, but I'm determined!!!! Good luck to all!
  13. by   RNHopeful2019
    From what I understand the applicants last year didn't find out until November 20th and 21st and had orientation on Nov. 30th and testing on Dec. 1st. I hate the waiting game but I'm pretty sure we have another month to wait. I'm excited and hope I get in because if I don't it will be almost a year before the next group starts. I heard the program is hard because it is very test heavy. Good luck to everyone!!
  14. by   Spring2019nursehopeful
    I applied for Spring also. I didn't get in last semester but I am applying with 29 points and a 3.4 gpa. I applied for Midlands Technical College for spring 2019 also. I'm transferring in from Georgia Military College.