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Erinity's Latest Activity

  1. I'm hopefully waiting as well!! 34 points and GpA 3.33 transferring in. I'm extremely nervous now looking at everyone's GPA and points. I'm going back to school after earning a Degree, but I'm determined!!!! Good luck to all!
  2. Erinity

    Aiken Technical College LPN students or hopefuls 2018

    Anxiously waiting with you all! I applied to both LPN and the RN program. I want the ADN program, so hears to waiting on answers!! Good luck to you all!
  3. Erinity

    Aiken Tech RN Applicants for Spring 2019

    Yes, I have. My GPA was 3.33 and my points were 34. Now, it's a waiting game. Hoping all goes well and I hear something soon. Has anyone else received letters yet? I was told 4-6 weeks from the deadline.
  4. Erinity

    Aiken Tech Spring 2018 applicants

    I have a question. I was hoping to get answered. Does the nursing program take off for Spring Break, etc? I know it goes 5 semesters with no summer, but what about other holidays? Thanks in advance.
  5. Erinity

    Augusta Tech Fall 2018 Hopefuls!!

    Has anyone received letters yet?
  6. Erinity

    Augusta Tech ADN hopefuls- 2018

    Middle to the End of July is what I was told. Yes, it is going to be a long summer!! Good luck to us all!! :) Prayers for good news!!!
  7. Erinity

    Augusta Tech ADN hopefuls- 2018

    I'm not sure either.. good luck!! :b
  8. Erinity

    Augusta Tech Fall 2018 Hopefuls!!

    I am awaiting acceptance now as well for the fall.
  9. Erinity

    Augusta Tech ADN hopefuls- 2018

    Yes, I have applied to the ADN program for 2018 and I am hoping to get in. Who knows. All I can do now, is pray.
  10. Great information!! Thank you!

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