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  1. Yeah I had to call the school to ask if I got accepted last semester and the lady told me that if I hadn't already received an email, then it was a no. She said it took so long last semester because it was so competitive. She said that out of all of ...
  2. I applied. Dang I thought I actually stood a chance this semester compared to the last two times I applied but hearing how many points you both have and your GPA's, is making me a little nervous now! I spoke with the lady who calculates the official ...
  3. Aiken Tech Spring 2018 applicants

    Just got off work and got home. I had two letters from ATC waiting on me. Both were the same letter. I didn't get in this time due to my GPA. I figured since everything else was pretty decent that if I applied I may have been able to get in. I didn't...
  4. Aiken Tech Spring 2018 applicants

    Hey yall! I applied for January 2018 to and was just venting to a friend who had just asked if I heard anything yet and she showed me this site. I was told we should hear back within a couple of WEEKS after the deadline but I have not received anythi...