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  1. Aiken Technical College 2019 ADN/ Aiken Tech Nursing

    Finally got everything straight I'm in. My acceptance letter came the day after they were due to be turned in. So happy for all of my classmates. The class will end up picking a class rep to coordinate with the SNA board and faculty. Anyone can make ...
  2. Aiken Technical College 2019 ADN/ Aiken Tech Nursing

    I hope they get word to those that are accepted way sooner then what this last class went through. I know they just hit their half way Mark and lost 10 student's. That means they will have to apply with us for next semester and go into the same pool....
  3. Aiken Technical College 2019 ADN/ Aiken Tech Nursing

    I hope so, I would have really enjoyed starting last semester. I think you will be very competitive with your score. Who do you have for Micro?
  4. Aiken Technical College 2019 ADN/ Aiken Tech Nursing

    I ended up with 43 points. I was actually accepted last semester but they forgot to send me an acceptance letter.
  5. Looking for other folks who are putting in an application for the Spring 2019 Nursing Program at Aiken Tech.
  6. 2013 GHSU CNL applicants

    Thank you all again for your replies on stats. I think I'm going to go ahead and take the GRE I only have the chem 2 class to round out pre reqs. Congrats again to all of you who have made it in and good luck to those who are still on there way.
  7. 2013 GHSU CNL applicants

    Mygirl I take it you worked on prereqs second time around was this at a tech or University and do you think it would make a differance. Thank you for your reply I look foward to the day I can apply I only have one class left to take and the GRE
  8. 2013 GHSU CNL applicants

    Congratulations to everyone that made it into the program. I too hope to be in your shoes:singing:. I wonder if those of you who were excepted would mind posting your stats as far as Degree, GRE score, gpa, volunteer hours and any other background th...
  9. 2013 GHSU CNL applicants

    Hello everyone I'm am looking at the CNL program at GHSU and had a few questions. Does anyone know what the average accepted canidate looks like? Volunteer time.... GPA..... GRE score..... I am also wondering if tech school classes for per reqs would...