Aiken Regional Medical Center

  1. Anybody got any good information on the hospital in Aiken? My husband has been offered a job at Fort Gordon in Augusta, and we are looking for the best places to live around there. I am an ER RN with two years of level I trauma center experience. Does anyone know what the pay is like there and if they are offering a sign on bonus?

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  3. by   BlueferralRN
    I recently left the Aiken area. I worked EMS there for 5 years and completed nursing school at Aiken Tech. There has been alot of turnover recently in ARMC ER. The nurse manager in the ER is new roughly 1.5 years now as the manager. The core has stayed the same. Draw your own conclusions from that.

    If you are looking at Ft Gordon for you husband please be aware there are many other hospitals in the area. The Medical College of Georgia is a lvl 1 trama center and is in Augusta GA. Also University Hospital, Doctors hospital (regional burn center) and another hospital that just changed names dont know thier new name. Finally, there is a VA hospital as well.

    MCG, university and the VA are all within blocks of each other.

    Aiken is the only hospital in SC in the area. SC is a member of the nursing compact so very easy to get licensure if your already in a compact state. GA is not a member and can be a bit of a pain to get licensure from what I have heard (I am not licensed in GA).

    Last I heard University had the best sign on bonuses. Aiken had the highest pay and differentials. MCG best benefits. This may have changed check them out for yourself.

    Good luck with your move and take care.
  4. by   adpiRN
    Do you know what the annual salary is for a new nurse at Aiken Regional Medical Center with a BSN?
  5. by   BlueferralRN
    ARMC pays the same for both ASN and BSN. Most hospitals in SC do from what I have seen. Do not hold me to it, but I believe the starting pay for new RN is around $22.00 plus diferentials. ARMC provides and evening and night differential. Evening after 1400 and night after 2200. With the changes in the economy things may have changed since I left the area. Your best bet is to contact thier nurse recruiter.
  6. by   dreamon
    If you husband needs to be close to Gordon, check out the Evans/Martinez area in Columbia county right next to Augusta proper. I don't know if you have kids but the area is safe and it will be simple for him to get on post.

    You'll have to drive a bit farther to get to Aiken, but you won't be too far from I-20, so it won't be so bad. If you want to live somewhere in the middle of Augusta (Richmond County) where his commute time may be longer and yours will be a little shorter you can do that also, just research the area a bit and rent an apartment first while you figure out what routes you'll need to take to work to avoid getting stuck in traffic.