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So...our school comes to us when we started and said,"We are accelerating the degree so you are done in 2 years, but you have to go both summers." It is a BSN and soph, jun, sen, years done in 6 straight semesters. U-u-u-gh!!! I really miss my summer and we aren't in summer yet!! Sorry just had to rant and rave!!!:eek: Anyone in the same boat?


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I went through nursing school (BSN) with no summers off. Lemme tell you... it was not fun. Students and teachers got burnt out from it.. so much so that they are now eliminating summer school. My cohort had ICU over the summer and the next quarter, my lecturer/CI for Community Health commented to us about how us students didn't seem to care about her class and that we weren't even trying to do our best. Well of course we weren't at our best! Piddly week off for summer was NOT enough to recuperate after ICU. Somehow we all managed to pass Community Health :)


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My classmates and I were talking about this. I am at a community college and we have the summer off. My group started in October of last year and we have finished 3 of 8 classes (8 weeks each). In the fall we have psych and med-surg 2. Then in the spring we have OB, spring break, then med-surg 3. Then we go right into med-surg 4 (the last class) in the summer. That is the only class they offer in the summer for groups that started when we did. So we don't have to wait the whole summer to finish one 8 week course. I already know it will be grueling, but others have done it, so I know it is possible!!!

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my program is accelerated and just 2 years. I just started my summer semester this past week....after ending the Spring semester on the 17th! It is fast and you really have to manage your time well.............but, I'd rather be done in two years rather than four.


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hmmm...we only get 1 week between terms and this has been going on for over a year now and I have my last course in august then hey preceptorship!

cc we have a summer class it's 9 clinical days either maymester 3 days/week for 3 weeks, ffi or ii- 2 days a week x 4 + 1 day, or once a week all summer. no preplanning, no med passes, just patient care of 4 patients, paperwork, teaching, journals to do for this one. then there is dosage calculations at the adn level. i've had 3 weeks off (thank you lord) have the clinical starting monday on mw, dosage calculations on thursday (if i get a 100 i don't have to go back to the class all summer, i've studied my tush off for the last three weeks for that one) so i could have 4-5 weeks off from the second week of july to the third week of august.

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