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So, school starts next week for me. I missed priority registration in the spring due to a serious illness. So, I'm stuck with late registration which started today.

My frustration is due to this situation:

I have to take a required CNA course this semester. The school has 7 CNA lecture classes to select from. Fine. They have 7 lab components to select from....BUT they are (all but one) still TBA!!! The one lab that has dates and times conflicts with every single lecture component.

I really can't make any kind of a schedule....it pretty much will totally depend on my CNA lec & lab classes.

To make matters worse, I tried ALL DAY to get a hold of a real live person who could help me and all I could get was voice mail h*ll. I left messages. All day.

School starts in days....I have no schedule. I have no idea how to plan my schedule. Besides the CNA lecture and lab I still need:

Developmental Psych, A&P I lecture and lab, CPR, and an elective.

I need every single one of these classes in order to start clincals in Jan., I don't have room for a mess up!

To complicate things further I have to try and schedule my classes around my kids school schedules in order to avoid day care costs I really can't afford.

Plus my husband wants me to try and get as many classes in as possible in one day, due to the high cost of gas here, so maybe I can go 3 days a week instead of 5. School is a 40 min drive.

ARGH!!!! This is enough to make a person totally crazy.

What is wrong with people? How do they expect us to make our schedules? :angryfire

I know there is nothing y'all can do or say to make things better... I just needed to vent.

All I can think to do is to drive up there in the morning and hope and pray that someone can help me. Or maybe someone will call me back first thing in the morning....yah right...

what a bunch of crap to deal with!! I hope it gets better soon! I think you will be doing the right thing by going in person. Just make a fuss til someone listens to you. I know at my school even tho faculty are there now, some have their voice mail on all day since they are not 'officially' there yet. Good luck to you.


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I will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope you have an easier time of all this.

Don't let it get you down and/or deter you from what you are striving so hard to get!!!

Good luck!! :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons: :balloons:

Register for the most workable, even if it is not your first choice. That way you are not shut out completly and then wait for drop/add and get the classes you prefer when they open up. Half the classes would be full and the on drop/add day half of the previously enrolled students drop. Then it makes it easier get the classes you want.


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Oh sweetie, I feel for ya!! Late registration sucks, but when the school is being idiotic, that just makes it worse. I hope it all works out for you. My school isn't doing so well right now either. They switched to a new computer program and they STILL have not processed financial aid. After THREE WEEKS of people calling and calling and worrying that they were going to be dropped, the school FINALLY put a notice on the home page about financial aid and that if you had a FAFSA you wouldn't be dropped. In the meantime, we're all stressing out because we have so much other crap to buy and yadda yadda yadda...:angryfire So I understand your need to vent.

Now, not having a schedule out when school starts in days is absolutely ridiculous. I would make sure you voice your concerns to the school as high up as you can go...ESPECIALLY if somehow you are screwed because of their mess-up. Call any number you can get a hold of and demand to be connected to someone that can help. I wish you luck. Let us know how it turns out!

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We had a similar situation. Our fourth semester nursing classes seemed to conflict with each other so the computer wouldn't spit out a schedule when we registered online. I see you have 7 kids. Wow, you must have a lot of patience. Is there any way you can deal with the problem in person before classes begin? Perhaps talk to someone in the nursing department?

Welcome to one of the joys of nursing school!! I'm a virgo, absolutely HAVE to write up schedules and time-management plans and I agree with you that it is the most frustrating thing in the world not to be able to plan because you don't know what your college schedule is...we still don't know exactly what ours is and we start on Monday. The faculty also have a habit of changing the schedules at short notice, adding in extra classes etc., so be prepared. They joke that it's all to teach us how to be flexible - flexibility being a vital asset to any good nurse. I can so empathize with you!! It means that my kids can't sign up for any after-school enrichment classes this semester and my eldest can't audition for the school play for the second year running...because I don't know what MY schedule will be and therefore don't know if I'll be able to take them/pick them up yet :( Grrrrrr....

Good luck,


Well, I tried calling again this morning and got nothing but voicemail for everyone. So, I drove all the way in. None of the nursing staff were in their offices so I looked around. I found a group of women in a room sitting and talking. I very politely & respectfully asked if they knew where I could find any of the nursing program faculty.

One woman very rudley said "well, WE are the nursing faculty and WE are in a meeting." I said "oh excuse me, I'm sorry" and turned to walk out. One of the others asked me what I needed. I started to explain and the rude woman kept interrupting me and talking to me like I was a moron. She wasn't understanding what my problem was and wouldn't stop interrupting me so I could explain what the problem was!

Come to find out....she's the head of the whole darn program! ACK. :devil:

Well, maybe it was a good thing I found this out before I enrolled in her class this semester!!! I know who to avoid if at all possible.

Why do people feel the need to be downright rude and b*tchy and to treat people like they are morons from the get go? I HATE people like that!

I had a very legitimate problem and I can't even get a bit of courteous help.

Well, the rude one took me to her office and was telling me that I must be talking about someone else's class and referring to the other person as "J" like I am supposed to know who "J" is. "Well, that is a problem with 'J's' class, I have no idea about what 'J' does, you'll have to find him." Okay....who the heck is 'J'? I mean come on, be a little professional here.

Turns out it was HER classes problem, not "J's" afterall! :rotfl:

Anyhow, they way they did the CNA course scheduling was strange, it was set up looking as if you had to pick a Lecture class and then pick a Lab class. The Lec's were posted with days and times BUT the Labs were all but one listed as TBA. How are you supposed to make a schedule with a major class being TBA on dates and times???? FINALLY once the woman would hush her mouth enough to finally let me explain in full...I found out that you dont pick a seperate lab, the lab is worked into the lecture days and times. But when signing up, you have to still pick each. Clear as mud, huh?!

Okay, so I go home in hopes of getting online to complete my schedule. Not so easy! For two of my higher classes, for some reason they won't let me enroll - the computer is telling me that I have done the reqs for the new classes. But I most definately have!!!! And by this time, its not business hours anymore so I can't fix that tonight.

Meanwhile my remaining classes are filling up quickly and I can't do anything until the a.m.. Which means that I'm going to end up getting everything I didn't want. Classes everyday of the week (long commute, lots of $$ for gas), and classes which will force me to have to find before and afterschool care for my younger kids -that I will really be struggling to pay. :crying2:

At this point I'm so darn frustrated and near tears and a breakdown. I'm even questioning if I want to do nursing afterall (I Do...but maybe not...sheesh).

Also, had to turn in a paper at Financial Aid. Stood in line for 45 mins then I was told that I was on the book voucher list for $103.00! 103.00 would maybe pay for one of my books! So....had to stand in line again for an hour.

Then their computer systems go down while it's my turn! :bluecry1:

I'm quite traumatized and my family came home to me like this: :chair: and like this: :sofahider

Sheesh! The two semesters I had last year weren't near as bad as this. Its so discouraging. The thought crossed my mind that maybe I should just say the heck with it and get a job at Walmart or something and remain poor for the rest of my life!

Here's hoping tomorrow will be better....I have to go back about the other problems and pray that we can get those resolved and be able to get into the classes at all. :bugeyes:

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