Soooo much school work!


Anyone have any studying tips? Before I got accepted into nursing school I always made notecards but there's no way ill ever be able to make notecards over 10 chapters at a time. Just started school Monday & I'm already stressed to the max! It'll be worth it in the end though, I'm already loving the labs!

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I feel like I have pretty well developed study techniques. I'm pretty solid in my grades --3.6 overall GPA in nursing school. In the past when I first started nursing school, I read the chapters in advance, wrote out definitions for the key terms and studied my homework and in class assignments. More recently, a few months ago,, I changed my study method so I don't have homework outside of class. The new method is described on my blog:

As far as preparing for lab or clinicals, I practice on my kids and my boyfriend, even my sister.

Throughout nursing school I've also studied by explaining and teaching concepts to others. Ill explain or teach my 7 year old, my boyfriend, my mom or to other nursing students.


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Hi I start Monday . Any advice ?


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Outlines of the chapter. Then condense it to what you think is most important and there you go.

I only make note cards for terms / definitions


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Are there objectives at the beginning of each chapter? If so try to focus on those. I also make flash cards of just the terms and definitions on the quizlet app so I can study them whenever, wherever I am.