Soooo EXCITED.......and nervous too!!!!


I, officially, begin on Nov. 2nd as a pedi RN on a peds med-surg unit. I am so excited, as I have always wanted to work with pediatric patients, but I am also sooooo nervous. I am a new grad and really want to do well. There is so much to learn. Anyone out there willing to share some tips or advice with me? I would be so thankful.


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Congrats!!! :yeah: I'm starting middle in November in a Versant new grad program in Peds.. acute/medsurg. I'm so excited too!! Also to finally get a job!! Good luck to the both of us! :w00t:


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Thanks so much,LoveThisNurse. Goodluck to you too. Keep me posted on how things go for you and I will do the same.


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Of course!


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Have confidence in your abilities, and with time and experience you will shine.


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With pediatrics always remember you are not only treating them but also the nervous parents and sometimes grandparents who are over your shoulder. And if you ever feel like you are unsure at least act like it at the time in front of parents and then go find someone to help you. Parents get very weird if someone taking care of their child panics or acts bubble headed. I am a peds home care nurse who works with medically fragile children and have heard more than once about that "1 time we were in the hospital". Congrats and I am sure you will do great.


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arcoiris, i am in the same boat as you!! i start dec 14th on a medical care unit. caring for the parents as well as the kids is one of my biggest fears, because i know how it feels to have siblings in the hsopital and being scared to death and asking questions (my youngest sister is 3 years old, and has alot of medical issues and my 20 year old sister also had medical issues as a child). all i can do is try my best and work to improve my communication skills. i am so excited and nervous as well. congrats and good luck!