Soon to be new grad, looking for advice


Hello everyone!

I am looking for some insight from you fine people. In May I will be graduating with my ASN. I'm currently looking at different hospitals to apply to. The hospital where I spent majority of my clinical is hiring but there has yet to be any ED/trauma jobs available which is where I'm 99% positive I would like to work. This hospital is also the closest, one of the largest in the area, they are a magnet hospital, and has clinical ladder. The only downside is that they don't have a new grad residency (they hope to have one by July or the fall at the latest). TBH this is the hospital that I have wanted to work at as a nurse even before I started nursing school. They also require a BSN by 2020 however they will pay 100% if you go to their school, and only their school.

And then theres a much smaller hospital, about 45 minutes from where I'm currently living (although I won't be living here forever). I applied to their nurse residency program and I have an interview in two weeks (eek!!!). I know they recently had ED positions available although I'm not sure if they currently do, or how that works with applying to the residency program. I've also never been in this hospital before. I do plan on asking to shadow at my interview since I think I need to see the atmosphere to get a better idea. This hospital is also requiring a BSN by 2020 however they will pay I think $6,000 a year to any school.

So here is my issue...Do I just apply to a random med-surg job at the hospital that I have had my heart set on just to get my foot in the door and then transfer to the ED once I'm able to in a few years? Do I hold out a few more weeks or months and wait and see if anything becomes available in the ED? Or if by any chance I am offered a job at this smaller hospital and its in their ED should I just take it and stay there for a few years and then try to get into the larger hospital?

I would love to hear what feedback you all have!

Thank you!


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There's no harm in applying to the med/surg positions at your hospital of choice right? I would apply to that while also seriously looking into the smaller hospital. I think it's smart of you to shadow there as well.


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I would apply to both & go from there. No need to worry so much about choosing between them until they hopefully show an interest in you & you have a chance to learn more about each facility & what they offer.


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Apply to any and all jobs that are remotely in your interest. It's not easy to get a job as a new RN. If you get more than one offer, cool, you get to choose.