Someone sent me a pm


and I couldn't open it. Is there any way I can retrieve it?


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It is not still in your "in" box??

It is not still in your "in" box??

How do I find my inbox?


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there's a yellow bar toward the top of the page. Then look on the left column and find "list messages." Click that and you'll see your PMs.

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My computer has a program against pop-ups which is what pop-ups on my screen when I have a pm. There are two other methods of retrieving them . . . . on the upper right part of the screen under where it says "Welcome stevielynn", it says "Last Visit" and then "Private Messages" . .. I can click on "Private Messages" or you can go to your "User CP" and retrieve them there.

I can never open the pop-up message - but that is my computer's fault.


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