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Someone please help

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Hi all;

Let me first say that I'm not a nurse and I'm not even planning on becoming one. I've come here looking for some advice. I'm a 26YO male from Canada. I've been having urinary retention problems for about a year now. Of course when it first occured the first thing I did is went to the emergency. They've drained 1800ml from me and sent me for a cat scan. Came back negative. I then went to my family doctor who suspected prostate, so I had an ultrasound for that as well as my bladder. All negative. Then it happened again about 1 month later just out of the blue. ER again, same scenario was sent to a urologist. He sent me for a cystoscopy, came back all negative looking all good. Then it happened again a few weeks later. Same scenario. The disturbing part is that it comes out of the blue and other than this I'm healthy with no blood pressure or anything at all, plus I jog and work out, with no bad habits. (I stopped smoking after this in hopes maybe that's what it was but of course that didn't change anything)So it just keeps repeating itself with no explanation as to why and it keeps coming back. I have no clue what triggers it. I tried all the old tricks as well, like hot bath, hot water bottle and so on. And as it comes, it goes away just like that, and it's now getting more and more frequent. I feel like a 75Yo... Being able to go feels like a reward:madface: I can't go for over 10-12 hours sometimes and I feel like I'm gonna blow up, then it goes away and everything seems fine. Anyone any guess? Its really bothering me and don't know what to do. I can't really run to the emergency everytime it happens. I'm sure there is an answer.

I'm NOT looking for anyone to tell me what to do, I just want to hear your opinion as to what I should try or who else I should see and for what tests cause I'm totally puzzled by it, and last time the best advice my doctor gave me was just try to massage it:rolleyes:



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We can't give medical advice here. When you joined this site you agreed to a Terms of Service agreement. When you agreed to that you agreed not to seek medical advice.

You need to see a doctor.

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Per above poster, sorry, but we are not a medical advice board. Please see your physician.


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follow-up appointment with urologist is indicated.

here's an article to give you some discussion pointers: urinary retention

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