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Do you feel that the pre-reqs do a good job of preparing you for the actual bsn program? I am finishing up my prereqs and finding them manageable. I am afraid that once I am in actual nursing school it is going to be too hard.


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The prerequisite courses such as anatomy and physiology, micro, chem, and math will prepare you well for the nursing program. It will be the foundation you need to understand the material in nursing school. Yes, nursing courses will be harder than your prerequisites. They will challenge you and will require you to study much more than you are now. If you use the right study strategies and stay committed to your work, you will do fine.

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Sure it'll be hard.

::looks around:: Who tells people that nursing school is supposed to be easy? I have a bone to pick c them.


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Pre-reqs are foundation. Anatomy and Physiology for disease processes. Chemistry is foundation for Pharmacology. Statistics for research... you get the picture.

Does it prepare you? No. It gives you basic knowledge to apply later on. It's still up to the person to put it all together.


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Buy an NCLEX study guide and start doing questions in it well before you begin your actual classes. That is the only thing that will prepare you for the difference from Pre-reqs to nursing classes in ANY nursing program, whether ADN or BSN. The biggest difference in nursing school and pre-reqs are the tests.

Pre-reqs you use memorization of facts, this is that and that is this, right and wrong answers are clear.... whereas in nursing school you need to know that this does that because of this, this, and this, and it causes something or needs something. You need to know that there aren't usually clear right and wrong answers, but there is 1 answer that is more right or more wrong than the other answers.

Application, Analysis and Critical Thinking are valuable tools to your success, starting to master those now, will prepare you for nursing school and it won't be too hard anymore.


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I'm in an ADN program but I still had to take A&P, chem, micro, psych, sociology etc....

I think they prepare you, but nursing school is harder. It's supposed to be harder. Like the above post said its not so much memorizing facts as being able to think critically and know which answer is the best and why.

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I'm am in a BSN program right now, in Med-Surg 2. I've done Fundamentals and Med-Surg I.

Yes, the pre-reqs have helped to prepare me a lot. You *needed* to have A&P I and II knowledge to take pathophysiology. They weren't going to teach you normal disease processes. You are expected to know that already. In pharmacology, it's also a must to know what different body chemicals are and what they do. Microbiology has helped out with learning about antibiotics, too. Let's see...chemistry helped prepare me for patho and pharm. A&P I helped me in fundamentals.

Dang, I think in every class, I used past A&P I and II information! :p

So in short, yes....they do prepare you. They're not just for fun before nursing school. ;D