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Some serious questions...need advice.

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by dalsor dalsor (Member)

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Okay, first of all, forgive me for all the questions i'm about to ask, I

know they've been asked time and time again but I would like some advice

concerning my personal situation. So, to begin, I'm a third year at the

University of Calfornia Riverside, majoring in Anthropology. I am

supposed to graduate next year with a BA. I entered UCR with the intent

of going into the Biological Sciences and going on to med school, but

math was not my forte and earlier druing my school year academics

weren't a huge priority to me. I have now come to the realization that I

am not interested in my major, and I can't see myself doing anything

other than something in the medical field.

As far as coursework goes, I have finshed all of my gen-ed for my major

along with some BIo Sci gen-eds, such as the Stats and Psych and a few

others. I am torn on whether I should complete my degree and then go for

a nursing program or whether I should try to transfer out into a nursing

program. I don;t want to waste the 3 years I have been here, but if all

I am doing next year is taking classes that don't meet the pre-reqs for

nursing school but fulfill upper-div reqs for my Anthro major...i'm not

really getting anywhere.

So right now, I have most of my gen ed, but I do not have a lot of the

pre-reqs for nursing programs such as bio, chem, physics, etc. I am 20

years old about to turn 21(in october) and I need to decide what to do.

My GPA Cumuative is not too hot, a 2.7 and that limits me greatly. I am

planning on retaking a math course that I did poorly in which would bump

up my gpa a notch, as well as this quarter I expect an A, A-, and B in 4

credit courses.

I originally wanted to go into an accelerated BSN program, but now that

I have read up on the ADN degree i'm not so sure. It's always possible

to transition from ADN to BSN, correct? and the diference is mainly

prestige? I just want to get towards my goal, becoming an RN. I'd like

to know if anyone could offer me advice specific to my situation, and if

anyone could recommend some programs within California, preferably

Southern California. I have so many more questions, but I hold off till

after class. Thanks everyone!

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Here ya go. We have a forum with all the answers:


I'll move your post there. And welcome to allnurses.com

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why don't you try speaking to someone from your school about changing your major to nursing and see what happens...If you don't like the answer, then you can check out accel. BSN programs, but many of them require that you have already completed those pre reqs you mentioned...Whether you go for an ADN or BSN, you will still take the same test...check out all of your options, then decide which one will be best for you.

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Tweety has 28 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg, Trauma, Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac.

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The difference between an ADN and RN is not necessarily "presitige".

In fact both ADNs and BSNs start off on equal footing, earning the same amount of money, doing the same thing. The BSN comes in handy later on with experience as one wants to move away from the bedside where there are greater opportunities with the BSN.

If you can transfer now into a nursing program that is probably your best bet, your courses won't be wasted. If you're accepted into an ADN program, some of your courses can be used in an RN to BSN program if you want to get a BSN later. Most accellerated programs are for people with baccallareate degrees.

Good luck.

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My perspective on this is go ahead and finish up the bachelor's degree and take as many nursing pre-reqs while you're at it. Maybe there's a BSN program that you can aim for where your some of your uni coursework will count. Take those pre-reqs and apply. If you get in, do that. If not, stay where you are and graduate. If you take an extra year, that just means you've got more time and opportunity to do extra things that can help with your nursing goal, such as become a nursing assistant or EMT.

If nursing school doesn't pan out or it takes longer than you planned to get started, your college degree (whatever the major) will qualify you for more job opportunities meanwhile.

Also, check out your course catalogue, there might be a medical anthropology course or an interdepartmental course that might be relevant to a future nurse and/or might count towards BSN electives. Maybe there's a more interesting major there that you can change without having to take a ton more classes.

Just some thoughts. If changing course completely feels right, then that's a valid option as well.

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