Some reassuring words for those worried about Metro State's NR program

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I was worried about going to Metro State after reading some not so encouraging reviews. So I emailed my nursing adviser at NHCC and asked if it is a requirement that we have to complete the BSN program at Metro State or if we can go to another RN to BSN program. Here's her response:

You're not required to continue for the BSN with Metro State (but you'll likely fill out paperwork and such just in case). The difference between Metro and other schools is that with Metro's program you're automatically admitted to their program now whereas any other RN to BSN program you would have to apply and get accepted.

Also you're met the requirements for Metro's program so you would just have a few generals and their 30 credits of nursing that you can complete all here on our campus (generals may be online). Metro is still looking at flexible options for students so may be able to offer the whole thing online at some point but not sure yet. I would say keep your options open and since you're already admitted to Metro keep them as an option and you can certainly look at other schools. I also know that MANE is looking at getting some other schools on board with the curriculum as well so maybe by the time you get to that portion of the program there will be other schools available.

SO I am hoping that maybe MANE can get some other schools on board so that Metro isn't our only option after CC. Hope this helps.

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for the info!!

Thanks for inquiring about this issue and sharing it with us!

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