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When I was a kid I was a real tomboy, always falling and getting cut. My mother used a slice of bread to stop bleeding. Worked every time.

Also used to go the the local 'soda shop' and get coke syrup for nausea, which also worked great. I've recently seen this for sale in Safeway!

We took a homeopathic med, called 'Humphries 11' if menses were late. The only time that didn't bring 'em on was if you were pregnant. Haven't seen that around in a long time.

For earaches, we used to fill a sock full of salt and heat it in the oven. Put it on your pillow and lie with your affected ear against the sock. Cured the earaches.

And, of course, Vicks Vaporub for colds. Remember my mother slathering that stuff on my chest and it would tickle so she'd have a heck of a time cause I'd be laughing and kicking. Later tried it on my daughter and there was no way she was going to allow me to put that greasy stuff on her!

Does anyone remember Stokes Expectorant? It was this thickish brown narcotic cough syrup that tasted like Tincture of Benzoin smells. I absolutely loved it. Don't know what all it had in it, but you definately stopped coughing and felt very good.


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Boil water, remove the pot from the heat (turn it off!) and put in lots of oregano. Cover and let stand. Drink with honey because it will be bitter.

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Letting the Elmer's Glue dry over cholla cactus spines works well too.

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