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Hi again everyone,

I am currently doing RN oversight on a contract basis for several DD group homes. This requires a lot of work as far as scheduling visits, keeping notes, and addressing issues that are brought to my attention outside of visits.

Do any oversight nurses among you have software you recommend for tracking visits / generating reports of monthly activities, as well as scheduling and preparing a calendar for upcoming months?

Thank you!


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This would be useful for me as well. Have you had any luck with this yet?

hope3456, ASN, RN

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Our facility is going to be getting a software system called therap. I've not used it yet but hear that it was specifically designed for ID/DD facilities.

I haven't used Therap, but on a personal level I use an app called Hours Keeper. I use it to track how much time I devote to one person or activity. I use an Outlook calendar for everything else.


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Thanks for sharing this information, I am forwarding the direct Therep link to my DON & admin. Anything that would make my job a little bit easier and less redundant (documentation) I would appreciate.


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Check out Taskmaster Pro. It was designed specifically for HCS and related DD programs.


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While being an oversight nurse for group homes, are you an RN Trainer for Delegated Nursing? I have been now for a new group home (2 years old) for individuals with DD and medically complex and I am finding it to be a real challenge.

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