Sociology and psychology claases


Hi everyone! I'm selecting my classes for next term and not sure if I should do psychology and sociology together or in separate semesters. Thanks for the input.

I did them both during the summer semester and had no problems. I was trying to live my summer out and go to school and it was perfectly fine. I took Psychology in person, because I was actually interested in it, and Sociology online. I only had class two days a week (long lecture but fine), while the Sociology one was online. It was in the summer and they were both condensed into a short amount of time. It all depends on you work load, but I think it should be fine!

I didn't take them at the same time, but I see no problem doing so. They were both interesting and I enjoyed them.


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I never got a chance to take psychology back in high school, so I'm excited. They are both 101 classes, so I'm hoping they aren't that difficult.


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I am currently taking both right now, and i fee like they are so similar that is helps. I currently i have an A and B in the classes.


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Thank you ladies for your input!

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I loved sociology but I think Psychology is better for nursing.


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I am taking both SOC and PSY. I am enjoying it.