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social security number

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good day!

can someone help me how to get the details in getting my social security number for my NCLEX application. I'm a non-US applicant.


God Bless! :)

Are you currently in the US or in another country? AFAIK, the only way to be eligible for a SSN is to be in the US with legal authorization to work (if I'm wrong about that, I apologize and am happy to be corrected). If you meet those qualifications, it's just a matter of going to the nearest SS office and applying.

If you don't meet those criteria, I believe there are some US states that still allow individuals outside the US to apply for licensure (which is what you're actually applying for, not the NCLEX exam specifically) without an SSN. There's lots of discussion on this site about that.

Best wishes!

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I'm not sure, but I think you need to be a U.S. Citizen or a least a legal resident alien (alien resident?) before you can get a social security number issued. You can try contacting your local social security office: they'd be the best ones to answer your question about getting a number.

Best of luck!


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If you are a non-US applicant, you should fill out an application for non-US applicants only. If your state doesn't have one, I know there is an option of listing your passport number (in the country that you are from) as well as a copy of the said passport upon application.

If you are still applying to a state for the licensure itself, they have forms specifically for non-US applicants. If you already have your eligibility to take the NCLEX exam, then it should have probably been profiled in your record that you are a non-US applicant taking the NCLEX thus leaving the SSN blank and enter your passport number instead.

I hope this helps! =D

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Starting and main question would be where are you currently?


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Hi. What country are you from?

You have to go to a social security office to get your SSN after you provide them with proof you can work in the US such as a TN, H1b, or green card.

If you don't have this, I would suggest putting down your own social security number as they also ask for the city and country where you are from.

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I doubt they will accept any other country's SSN they usually ask for a US SSN

I'm from Philippines. i think i should search other states that doesn't require SSN.

thank you for all the replies! much appreciated guys! :)

God Bless you all! :D


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