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Social media in the hospital?

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I saw this article on my news feed today. An ER nurse from New York Med was fired for posting a picture to her instagram account. The photo simply showed the after math of an empty trauma room, no patient name or face. She apparently was fired for being "insensitive". I was wondering what the opinions are on social media in the workplace? Personally, I've learned to avoid it completely. I don't want to take any chances, I worked hard for my license. I just feel this whole thing was a little overkill. I feel sorry for the nurse, not to mention the fact this hospital is already opened up to being filmed.



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There have been multiple multiple threads on this already.

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It might have been one thing if she had just posted as the aftermath of a generic trauma, but she included specifics; "Man vs 6 train", which narrows it down way too much. It's not a hipaa thing, but it is extremely poor PR for the hospital.

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