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So how does this work...


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Ok Im having a brain fart..

I am starting a 13 month LPN program at Maricopa skill centers in Aug.

Then, the following Jan. my plan is to go straight on in to block 3 and get my ADN.

After that, I want to go directly into prereqs for a bachelors & do that.

So my question is, what schools in the Phx area offer RN-BSN programs? The two Ive heard of are ASU & UofP.. I know its really hard to get into ASU, but are the standards still really high even if you already have your Rn?

Ive also heard of how expensive U of Phx is and Id prefer not to go there for that reason, so are there any options besides these two?

Also, as far as ASU goes, is there a wait list to get into the Rn-Bsn program?

Thanks for any input!!


Hi Laura!

I met with the ASU Advisor in January regarding the RN program and I asked her about the RN to BSN program. She said it is defintely not as competitive and there is not a wait list. She couldn't say much more because she is only advises for the RN program but there is an RN to BSN Advisor. She suggested that I meet with them. Anyway, hope this helps!


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Well, last I heard the UofP required 1 years experience prior to admittance to their RN-BSN program.

ASU is probably your best bet.

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Grand Canyon University also has RN to BSN. Most large hospitals in Phoenix even have classes at the hospital through GCU. Your work will also pay for the tuition!

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Oh, I forgot about GCU...:idea:

You could also do NAU, but it's 2 years, and you could transfer more credits to ASU than NAU.

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