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SO so So frustrated, ready to give up

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I am a new Graduate RN. It took me 2 trys to pass my boards. In september when I FINALLY was offically an RN I thought my worries were gone and it wouldn't be long until I was able to work. I have applied for so many jobs and I'm not even getting calls back. I have had my resume looked over, and everyone says it looks ok!

I'm considering haveing a professional do it.

I do need to apply to more LTC places, but I went to school to work in a Hospital... it's my passion and I dearly miss it!

I am willing to relocate I am just not having ANY luck..

Any advice?

Hey -- keep your head up and take any work you can find as an RN. My unit manager at the hospital where I work as an Aide (I am still in school) suggested that the hospital jobs are few are far between right now and new grads need to do home health, LTC, anything. We have girls working as techs who are licensed RNs and cannot find work in a hospital -- they will be soon cut off from working as techs and none of them want to work in LTC. I feel badly for them, but the job market will open up again and better to be working as an RN in some capacity than waiting for a dream job to open up. One of the girls took a job in skilled nursing and was recently hired into the ER of our hospital after only 9 months of working at the nursing home. I am curious what the nurses on this board will say. Good Luck.


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I am also a new grad RN- took a position as a Home Health Nurse after putting in probably 300-400 applications for hospitals and even LTC. I get about 5 Nursing hours per week, and then I work as a Home Health Aide for about 20 hours a week. I had an interview with one LTC facility and received an email about a week later stating they select a more qualified applicant. I know how you feel it is very frustrating when you work your butt off to get through school, and are stuck working the same job you had while in school, because no one wants to hire a new grad. I started looking out of state and was hired as a seasonal nurse in Naples, FL. Pay is excellent and it's on a med/surg floor so great experience. They told me they are hiring 185 seasonal RNs for various positions. If you are interested just PM me and I'll send you the info. Good Luck!

Carrie I would definitely be interested in a Med/Surg position in Florida. I am from California but would be willing to relocate. I am not able to PM you, I keep trying. Is there a way you can let us know which hospital? I would very much appreciate your help.

How many times/ period between can boards be taken here in Ohio?

All responses appreciated.